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anglingbc Fri, Apr 2, 2010 - 3:07 PM     Subject: Spey fishing same as bottom bouncing? Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 I find it rather disturbing the amount of spey and fly fisherman fishing the upper rivers with there heavy sinking lines dredging across the spawning beds of the steelhead that are already paired up. Last week a spey fisherman flossed a 12 -15lb wild buk after almost 30min and a 5 min pic fest the fish was put back in the water and proceeded to float belly up downstream where it sat in the tailout in the lower thurston hole. PATHETIC!!!. In slesse park yesterday seen a belly hooked 12lb wild doe snagged by another spaggot. Go with a floating line if u r gonna fly or spey where the fish will actually take your offering instead of getting hit with it. there is no difference between spey fishing and bottom bouncing a 10ft leader.

3/5/10 No flossing Furry Creek

While I agree that fly-fishermen need to be as cognizant of fishing etiquette where spawning fish are concerned, I have to disagree that spey fishing is the same as bottom bouncing with a 10 feet leader. Most spey lines, especially those fishing sinking lines are tipped with a short 3 foot leader as a long leader would negate the sinking action of the line and leave the fly floating high in the water column. A fly line is not thin monofilament and most fish would move to avoid it, so flossing is not as common as you may think. Still, foul hooking does occur, as with any set up, and anyone who foul hooks a fish on successive casts should move or change their tactics to avoid such hook ups. Fly fisherman or not, it is just good fishing practice. While I prefer to fish with floating lines, sinking tips with short leaders are sometimes necessary to get the fly down to where the fish are holding right on the bottom.

3/5/10 Sandman Chilliwack

This was from the fishing report section, I thought it worthy to be in the discussion forum as it is a valid topic and to give any others a chance to respond.

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