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Guest Sun, Oct 5, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: Info on Paska/Face lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Planning a trip to this area, would like some information.
Guest Sun, Oct 5, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: Re: Info on Paska/Face lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 [quote:79183bb8ff="bcflyfisher"]Planning a trip to this area, would like some information.[/quote:79183bb8ff]fishing is ok sugest you use tiny dryflys.
Guest Mon, Oct 6, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: paska/face Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Paska/Face are nice lake that used to produce some decent fish (2-2.5lbs in Paska) but are now both infested with lots of tiny fish (average 8"). For some crazy reason, the fisheries branch has kept both these lakes as no ice-fishing, 2 fish limits, and in Paska single barbless hook bait-ban. The creeks in both these waters have good natural recruitment and the lakes are over populated. I believe both these lakes should be allowed to be harvested heavier to reduce competition within each lake. The great thing about these lakes is that they're central to many other great fishing lakes. A moody one that can put out really nice fish is Wyse. It also is only about 15 minutes away. The road is 4x4 and you will need a decent map, probably the Mussio-Venture is your best bet. If you do fish some of the better waters around there, go light on the killing please!
Have fun
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