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mark mc myn Wed, Aug 2, 2006 - 4:49 PM     Subject: CHIRONIMIDS Quote
Joined: Jul 2006 What do you do when you are in the middle of a chironimid hatch and you are getting no action?Even though you have on a chironimid of areasonable size and color (at least from my perspective!),according to the natural?What criteria do you use to manipulate size and color, etc?Another factor is depth.An option is to use 2 rods rigged with corky,s and bring the fly up from bottom in 1 ft intervals terby searching the water column . Sometimes a floating line only works, and not the corky.Some people add 25% of the leader length to the water depth.Some ,exactly the depth of the water.Setting the depth of your fly is subject to interpetation,and in the very least seems inaccurate. When you combine fly and depth changes it is easy to miss the right fly at the right depth! How do you , in asystematic fashion determine pattern and depth(are there other factors?) in a hatch , and what do you change when your best effort fails?
jaybc Sat, Sep 8, 2007 - 10:46 PM     Subject: RE: CHIRONIMIDS Quote
Joined: Sep 2007 Mark,

if color is not working, try a size smaller.

For depth, I usually start with two rods, one floating, with a bead head chronamid on a 16' leader. On that rod, I count down to 16 ' and slowly raise it. Once I have established depth, then I set the cork.

The other rod has either a sinking tip or a full sink, which "mooches" a chronamid off the bottom. I start off fishing deep, right on the bottom and work my way up.

Surface rolls are a sign that the fish are feeding just under the surface. A slow boil or dimple means 4 to 3', a fast big boil means 2', backs rolling or spashy takes indicate the top 1'.
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