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kle Sun, Nov 2, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: coho on the fly Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 :D caught my first salmon (pink) on the fly 8) .now I've got my mind on coho ,but have never flew for them :? could anyone help with info on what to use and how.also would like to now where the best spot would be to fly this wkend.would like to leave the other rods at home forever :twisted: :twisted: THNX kle (fly fever)
Guest Sun, Nov 2, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:coho on the fly Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 The key to flyfishing for coho Kle, is to focus on the backwaters and slough areas of the fraser valley. The stave has a couple of nice sloughs and backwater eddies. Stay out of the mainstream where all the hardware chuckers fish. I was fishing the Vedder last year down below the BCR bridge and found the main river lined shoulder to shoulder. Definitely not flyfishing friendly. So I walked up behind these guys and began casting into a large backwater pool right behind them. Within minutes I had a bright chromer on. Of course it wasn't long before the rest of the crowd was bombing the pool with hardware, but I had my fish. The best flies to use in these waters are beadhead muddlers with silver or gold ribbing and wolly buggers in either black or olive. Good luck and tight lines.
sockeyedan Mon, Nov 3, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:coho on the fly Quote
Joined: Jul 2006 I've had success in the side channels on the Vedder from vedder crossing and up. You have to really search them out to find em as the river changes every year, but if you can locate a narow, deep (2 - 6 feet) side channel with a tiny bit of bank undercut, I like those places. There's also the usual busy meatholes..if you know what I mean.
mike.c Mon, Nov 3, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:coho on the fly Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 try the froggy water ,cutbanks and structure. Stick to floating lines and poly/sinking leaders, short sink tips,mini tips,type IV under 15' and clear intermediate lines. Coho like the middle of the water column not necissarily the bottom like Chinook, bear this in mind.
Guest Mon, Nov 3, 2003 - 12:37 PM     Subject: flyfishin coho Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 most of these replies i agree with dont forget early morning to hit the shallows of the slow waters i mean 1 foot of water at daybreak then move outward to the middle also mix up your retrieves
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