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epmc Sun, Feb 8, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: Hike In Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Hey Everyone,
Just joined this site, looks very interesting. I have been fly fishing for a couple of years now, and would like like to combine my love of hiking with my love of fly fishing. I only have a small window of opportunity this next June, as I am a student in professional school with very little time off. I'm looking to do a trip that requires one to two days of hiking to access the lake which is suitable for float tube fishing for fish over 10"'s!!! Any info would be greatly appreciated though I understand wanting to keep one's cards close to one's chest!!! It would be great to hear about any books, websites, or videos you have found particuarly interesting. Hope some of you get out to hit the winter steelhead run. Tight lines.
Guest Sun, Feb 8, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: hike in lake Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Where in the province are you willing to travel too? What is your target species?

I fished a lake which was access around mile 300 on the alaska Highway then a rough 1.5-2 hr quad ride in. When we got there it was non stop pike and walley for the whole day. Biggest walley was 9lb, biggest pike: 20+. These fish were all taken from shore too, we didnt have a boat of tube. Mostly on spoons but a good number on fly as well....it was an awesome trip.

Maxhamish is the name of the lake, its in the vacinity of Ft Nelson, BC. I believe there is float plane and helicopter access or you can hike in.

Haven't been in that neck of the woods for ages but if you would like me to dig up more info or a contact/guide let know.
Sandman Mon, Feb 9, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:Hike In Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Try the Greendrop trail out in Chilliwack which has three lakes to try depending on how much walking you want to do, and there are also a couple on the Sea to Sky near Squamish that require 4 hour hikes. If you are serious about the day long hike to the lake then the Cathedral Lakes might be worth your time, although I would not want to carry a float tube up that trail. I prefer to use one of those cheap inflatable boats from 3Vets. Ladyslipper has big fish in it but they are notoriously hard to catch in the gin clear water. Tight Lines.
epmc Mon, Feb 9, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:Hike In Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Sandman,
Thanks for the reply. Where are the Cathedral and Ladyslipper lakes located?? How bad is the trail?? Any location in B.C. or even Alberta would be great as I'm on a two week break from school in June.

Thanks for the suggestion, Maxhamish sounds like a very cool lake. Do you have any more info?? I'm actually a native of Northen B.C., so that location would be great.
Guest Mon, Feb 9, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:Hike In Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 Try this link for a map to maxhamish:


Maxhamish is 125 KM north of Fort Nelson off of Route 77, a glavel road that branches off the alaska Highway north to alaska. I went in with a buddy who had been there, all I can tell you is that we parked at a pipeline well head and quadded in from there. I know there are outfitters out of Ft nelson the could guide you...don't know what your budget is but their is a outfitter off of Muncho lake that is great too. The log cabin they have there at one point was the largest log cabin in the world.

Tons of great things to do up in that vacinity too. As mentioned, Muncho/Stone Mountian Provicial park has all sorts of wild life. Toad river is a nice spot too. Lakers at muncho greyling in just about every river along the way, then theres Liard Hot springs, ... like I said tonnes of cool stuff.

Google.ca has lots of links to all the parks lmentioned above, this is a link to the lodge on Muncho: http://www.northern-rockies-lodge.com/

good luck
Sandman Tue, Feb 10, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: RE:Hike In Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 The Cathedral Lakes are in a provincial park off the Crow's Nest highway (#3) in Southern BC near Keremos. If you are from northern BC then it would be as far away from you as you could get and still be in BC.{;-) Ladyslipper is one of numerous lakes in the park. This park is accessed by a long hike up a steep 16km trail gaining 1300m (6-8 hours one way) or arrangements can be made with the lodge in the park to drive you up for a fee (last I heard it was about $75/person). You can stay at the lodge or camp at a couple of sites in the park. If the fishing is off you can enjoy the incredible scenery as you hike around the park.
Guest Tue, Feb 10, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: Hike in Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 In June I would suggest the Nehaliston or Bonaparte Plateau. The Bonaparte is a large provincial park and has developed trails that access over 50 lakes. There are a few lodges tucked away in there-in fact they maintain the trails-but the feeling of wilderness you get in there is unbelievable. Fish size is good too and by late June the fishing is nearing its prime. Early June can have good mid fishing but a cold spring could mean the lakes are still turning over. Typical hike times are 1-2 hours. If you had a week you could fish a lake a day-most the lakes are 15-30 minutes apart. There is a book about the Bonaparte Plateau by Richard Youdes. Can get it in the library. Nehaliston also has several hike in lakes but they are not all located in a park like the Bonaparte. If you decide to go and want more info, post your email address and if I check back on this thread I'll send you an email about specific lakes.
flyfish64 Wed, Feb 11, 2004 - 12:37 PM     Subject: Hike in Lakes Quote
Joined: Feb 2006 I agree with SH, I have been hiking and fishing the Bonaparte Plateau for the last 7 years lots of trails and lots of lakes. Some of the higher lakes can still be frozen in early June mid June is best. Let me know if you need more info.
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