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kenny-fish13 Tue, Nov 3, 2009 - 3:06 PM     Subject: Green(Cresent) Slough and Chillukthan slough Quote
Joined: Nov 2008
hi. i just wanted to know what there is to catch in green and chillukthan slough in Ladner. Ive caught Catfish in Green slough, and ive seen the Carp surface and jumping. Ive never caught anything at Chillukthan, anyways. I just wanted to know whats in there other than carp and catfish, and the parts of the sloughs to fish in and what bait is best used to catch them and some techniques....Yours Truely, Kenny Philllips. P.S, If you could, please tell me a few of the sloughs/ditches that i should try, thanks! Haaha, srry. P.P.S, Is there anything to fish for in the marsh?
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