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Big Bear Salmon Charters
Big Bear Salmon Charters

Just imagine, you living a legend! Battling enormous silver streaks, bringing them to ground and sharing the experience again and again. The battle is on, you and the salmon or the halibut, come prepared and ready to win. Thrills abound, when you answer the call to this battle.

Big Bear Salmon Charters will offer you the adventure and excitement of a lifetime, fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet, British Columbia. Fishing with legendary guides and first class equipment on a world-class boat will be your ultimate fishing experience.

Big Bear Salmon Charters are as excited about your catch as you, that they could bring you such an experience using top class equipment such as Technician 10 ½' medium heavy down rigger fishing rods and Scotty fully electric digital down riggers.

Located in the most scenic and beautiful surroundings on Vancouver Island your fish stories can become reality as our professional and knowledgeable world class guides take you to places only they know for the extreme fishing experience.

Book now, before it's too late, our professional staff are waiting to accompany you on your dream fishing vacation.

Location: Unit #3 1645 Cedar Road, Ucluelet, BC, Canada   P.O. Box 1379 Big Bear Salmon Charters
Contact: Phone: Call Toll Free 1 855 9 Salmon (1 855 972 5666)  
Cell: 250-726-7263   Cell: 778-551-1317
Website: www.bigbearsalmoncharters.com E-mail: info@bigbearsalmoncharters.com
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