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Float Tube Fanatics
Float Tube Fanatics

There are five significant problems a sport fisherman faces when it comes to mounting a commercial fish finder onto a float tube fishing craft. They are:

-Where does the battery go & what battery should I use?
-How do I mount the transducer in a secure and accurate way?
-How can the viewing angle for the monitor be optimized?
-Can I get a mounting system that is convenient and easy to install?
-how do I manage all the cabling that comes with the typical fish finders-- keeping them out of the way?

With perfection and convenience we have solved all five of these problems for you with our Ultimate Float Tube Fish Finder Mounting System. Please take a little time while you are here to check it out and pick one up for yourself.

Location: B.C., Canada Float Tube Fanatics
Contact: Phone: 604-968-3780  
Toll Free: 1-855-784-FISH  
Website: www.floattubefanatics.com E-mail: sales@floattubefanatics.com
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