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Fishing for Halibut

I'll be heading to Ucluelet and I have control control of a 14 person boat and filled it with friends. Last year, during the same time period, we had unbelievable salmon fishing, but the halibut fishing was far below expectations.

With your help, I'm hoping to take some halibut home from this trip. Would you please give me your tips to better the odds in catching these tasty fish. I'll be taking my heavy rod and Jig hooks. Any bait choices?

MUDRAKER JIGS@!!!!!!!Get the one that you can put scent in the tail of te jig. Then get some x-10.
Get some large herring and just leave it on the bottom with a spreader bar.

A jig tipped with bait is the ticket for sure, I like squid or octopus myself, well cured in lots of salt.
Ordinary food-grade squid/octopus/cuttlefish/WHY sold in 5lb blocks at Superstore will do fine and you can refreeze it no probs..
The place to be for Hali out of Ukee is the 'Big Bank'.
I hope you're using Spectra fibre line of some kind, it's 300ft down with 20+% stretch ordinary mono won't catch you much!
The thing with OBMG is that the Captains don't regularly go that far,too much work.
So they'll go to any local hump and say
'Yessir this is the spot"!.
I suggest you take a GPS-out of 14 guys somebody has one/knows how to use it-buy a chart and make d***ed sure he puts you on the mark.

This is great... thanks friends. Is there a diagram or instructions to making a spreader bar somewhere on the net? I saw one in a sporting goods store that was too expensive... maybe there is another store that sells for less?

Steven,if you can possibly get some small mackrel they are very good on a spreader bar.... if not get big herring and inject them with cod liver oil.. and put em behind a spreader bar!!

Start here http://www.halibut.net/ it's kind of a cheapo site, I know the Guy who runs it he's a little thick and money-hungry that's why you see Buy!Buy!Buy! all over the place;there's a diagram for Spreader Bars on the Tackle section.
Nikka http://www.nikkaindustries.com/ usually has the best prices, why not buy one and use a coat-hanger and 2 pairs of pliers to duplicate it. You'll need serious split rings and swivels, both available from Nikka in bulk, they sell you a small quantity of anything they have in the store usually.
Use a weaker swivel on the bottom so that if your weight gets hung up you can bust it off easier, in theory anyway,also use a short length of 20 lb test to secure the weight, don't attach it directly to the swivel.
Tha's what I do with my store-bought ones, any small cheap swivel will do.
Also I've never seen any need to buy the bigger Spreader Bar the small one work just as well & is that much cheaper.
As to Jigs I bought some 'Cod Leads' there and painted 'em white, attached my own Hooks & Skirts they're just as good as any store-bought lure and somewhat cheaper.
One exception though-I've never used a Hali Jig as effective as a Spinnow I don't know why but for me they outproduce anything on the shelf.
At $16 apiece they should.

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