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My cousin a buddy and i drove down from Red Deer Alberta to fish sturgeon in the mission area last week end,April 13-16.We make this trip 2 or 3 times a year.I have 3 set ups and 2 of them i fish regulary. Both have 50lb whiplash, one rod is a 6'6 ugly stick and the other a 7'shimano televera. We had several bites on both. The bites on the ugly stick consisted of 2 knocks and then nothing. Whereas on the shimano, having a softer tip, the bites were more pronounced. Is it better to use a soft tip rod as the fish seem to be very finicky? We've caught several fish on other trips usually in stronger currents, where the soft tip rod was too soft for the strong currents.

What do you recommend we should do or use to maximize our fishing time down there?

I'm looking for some information regarding a Sturgeon rod and reel. I'd like to buy a rod for hopefully under $100 and a reel for under $175. Am I wasting my time buying cheaper equipment or what would the minimum that I could spend and still end up with something worth using. I'll be fishing from a boat probably using 80 lb Tuff line and will probably be using the gear less than a dozen times a year. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Terry i use a Penn Power Stick 3821 MH 7' long,with a Shimano TLD15 reel loaded with 30lb mono. the rod is about $100-130,Army&Navy had the best price when i bought my 2,Nikka can order them too;the reel is expensive,i use it for other things as well, Penn makes a number of similar but cheaper models,all will last for years. http://www.pennreels.com for reference
on this outfit i've easily landed fish to 7.5',no problem; most guys on the Fraser are WAY overgunned, just yesterday i was talking with my Sturgeon partner(my gear-his boat)about how everyone he talked to uses such heavy gear&how they all think we're crazy.
more like they haven't much experience with fish!
I mean most sturgeon are between 3'-5',with a big one we just slip off the anchor and follow 'em, remember a lot of outfits that people use are long ,10'+,bad idea,the longer the rod the more leverage the fish has on you, also bad for C&R, i think lots of guys are using old surf fishing blanks, renamed Sturgeon blanks.
As to using Tuf line i love the stuff for jigging Halibut&Rockfish,for Sturgeon it's just not worth it, the one guide i know who used it has gone back to mono, we both still like the 'rubber-band' effects of mono.

I don't know much about how they fish sturgon now. I'm just thinking about that reel. Just a smoke'en ,man don't catch none of your clothes on fire.;)

As i said the majority of Sturgeon are between 3-5ft,say 30-65lbs, not that big really,we bring them to the boat in 5 minutes or less,easily.
How? pressure is how-with a 7ft rod i can pressure the fish a lot more than someone with a 10ft rod,it's that simple;we have used 'tuna sticks'5.5 or 6ft rods they enable me to 'shut down' the fish in a helluva hurry but i feel the 7ft gives a little more feel for the fight, telegraphing the fight to the angler a little better.
As I said if it's a 'screamer' or something we think is large we cast off the anchor bouy and give chase, pressuring the fish all the way.
I've fished big game in Mexico, Central&South America, Sturgeon are a fun fish but not nearly as energetic&powerful as a Yellowfin Tuna or Blue Marlin, both of which i've beaten to the boat on 30lb many times, and released successfully.

A guy picked up a servicable sturgeon outfit for just over $200; an Ugly Stik, about 6ft long&a Penn Long Beach'68', loaded with 60lb line, not perfect but a reasonable deal and more than enough to deal with any sturgeon.
Properly cared for an outfit like that will last for years&years.
Be careful if you buy one though,the guy at the shop thinks that the line from the reel should feed underneath the front bar, sounds crazy i know but when you deal with people with little experience with large fish that's the kind of misinformation you get;trust me the line feeds off the top of the spool, as i said the combo is more than OK and well within your budget.
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