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Societies and Organizations

    Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC - Our Vision is the 'Best Freshwater Fisheries in North America'
    The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC is a non-profit organization who works in partnership with the provincial government to deliver the fish stocking program as well as providing conservation fish culture services that support steelhead and sturgeon recovery programs. Our Visitors Centres offer tours and educational programs such as 'Learn to Fish' to teach today's and tomorrow's future anglers the importance of the local species and habitats. Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.

  • Learn to fish Program

  • Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery & Visitor's Centre

  • Fish stocking programs and hatcheries.

  • the Fish Wizard it allows a user to access information on lake stocking, fish species present in a system, resource use information as well as downloadable lake depth maps on over 2500 lakes

Alouette River Management Society
The Alouette River Management Society (ARMS) is a broad-based and non-profit organization committed to the protection and enhancement of the Alouette River watershed and beyond through advocacy, education and coordination.
Save our Salmon The SOS Marine Conservation Foundation is a group of Western Canadians dedicated to resolving marine conservation challenges and creating new opportunities through technological innovation.

Media Release Hurt by aquaculture industry - Frustrated BC business owners ask why Government doesn't value their economic contribution?

The Greater Georgia Basin Steelhead Recovery plan (GGBSRP),
has been developed to recover stocks of steelhead trout.

Outdoor Recreational Council of B.C.
Through research and advocacy, ORC’s mission is to conserve and enhance outdoor settings and resources in British Columbia and secure public access to them for recreation.

KEEPS Kanaka is for KEEPS, Kanaka Education and Enviromental Partnership Society.c/o Bell-Irving Hatchery
Chilliwack River Action Committee
The Chilliwack River Action Committee is a community based, volunteer, non profit, umbrella society, made up representatives from local environmental associations and the public with the purpose to organize and administer environmental projects for the protection of the Chilliwack River Watershed.
Fraser River Sturgeon Society The FRSCS was founded in 1997 by a group of dedicated sturgeon enthusiasts from several sectors in BC. The founding and current chairman of the FRSCS, Rick Hansen, has provided leadership and motivation to a talented set of directors, made up of community representatives from provincial, federal, and First Nation governments, industry, science, education, the environment. The Society’s mandate is to conserve and protect Fraser River white sturgeon and their habitat.

The Steelhead Society of British Columbia
The Steelhead Society's mandate is to encourage the conservation and restoration of wild fish and the wild rivers they inhabit.
Chehalis River Salmon and Trout
Enhancement Facility

Chehalis River Salmon and Trout Enhancement Facility is a salmonid enhancement facility operated by the DFO.

  • The Seymour River Fish Hatchery run by the Seymour Salmonid Society.

  • British Columbia Federation of Drift Fishers
  • Sport Fishing Institute of B.C.

    Over the years the recognition of the importance of recreational fishing as part of BC's way of life has steadily grown, and anglers, residents and visitors alike are committed to ensuring the fishing resources are protected.
    That's what the Sport Fishing Institute of BC is all about — the sustainability and protection of fish stocks and the continued growth of anglers' expectations and opportunities to enjoy the resource. SFI is a non-profit society, governed by an elected Board of Directors. We depend solely on membership fees and contributions from anglers and the many businesses that serve them.
  • The Adams River Salmon Society

  • Sports Fishing Alliance

  • British Columbia fishing reports, fishing maps and more on GoFISHn
  • Government Sources
    Tidal boundaries on rivers in Areas 28 and 29
    This is where the areas 28 and 29 cover for DFO openings or closures.
  • Brunette River: Burlington Northern Railway Bridge
  • Campbell River: Burlington Northern Railway Bridge
  • Capilano River: BCR Bridge
  • Coquitlam River: Mary Hill Bypass Bridge
  • Fraser River: CPR Bridge at Mission
  • Kanaka Creek: CPR Bridge
  • Nathan Creek: CNR Bridge
  • Nicomekl River: Burlington Northern Railway Bridge
  • Pitt River: CPR Bridge
  • Serpentine River: Burlington Northern Railway Bridge
  • Seymour River: CNR Bridge
  • Squamish River: A line between signs on the rock bluff on the west side of the river mouth, on a piling in the river mouth, and at the site of the former FMC chemical plant on the east side of the river mouth.
  • Stave River: CPR Bridge
  • West Creek: CN Railway Bridge
  • Whonnock Creek: CP Rail line
  • York Creek: CP Rail line
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