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Kitimat Skeena Fishing Report for Oct. 25th
Commentary: Wind: E 5km/h Partly cloudy (+8 degrees C) Steelhead and Coho are the target fish now.

Skeena River (section 1-2-3):
Water came up but is still in good shape. Most of the Steelhead and Coho have moved through. Best start fishing for them in the trib rivers now. Tip: To be really successful catching (fly or spin) you need to know a few good tips. Best way to learn a few is book a good fishing guide. Tyee Test Fishery data shows a fair run of Steelhead and a good run of Coho and Pink. Sockeye closed, a very, very low run this year apparently due to ocean survival conditions. Nass River run is really strong. Reg: As of Sep 1 the Coho limit is lowered to 1 fish per day over 50cm from 2 fish per day.

Tip: fish the clean water where trib rivers dump into the Skeena. Reg: all wild Steelhead everywhere in British Columbia are catch and release. The spring Steelhead run was strong.

Kalum River:
Water high but in good shape. We can guide on the Kalum River until October 31st. My guides still have a few unused rod days, so if you are interested please contact me anytime and I can set it up. The Steelhead and Coho fishing is excellent, you can even catch both on the same day. BOOK NOW, don't miss out on this experience. Tip: Fly fishing for Coho usually is fantastic. The Coho really like to chase a fly, so strip slowly and they will follow. This is one time I witnessed the fly out-fish a lure or spinner. The fish are bright silver this time of year. Theory: When the water is rising it picks up debris from the shore line; the fish think your fly is part of the suspended debris. With water like this the fish are on the defensive.

Chinook fishing is over. It has been a pretty good year. Here is the official closure regulation: Reg: Chinook Aug 07-Dec 31 No fishing for Chinook.

Lakelse River and Lake:
High and slightly tea coloured. Lots of coho. Got tell the end of the month to catch your Coho

Lakelse River Bridge:
Coho are coming in now. As time goes on the run should build and build. Coho are usually fished off the bridge with marabou jigs. Gibbs Spoons and Lure work well also, especially from the shore near the bridge. Fly fishing works well also.

This one of the most popular fishing spots in the Terrace area. There used to be a sign on the bridge that read NO FISHING FROM BRIDGE but nobody paid any attention to it. I have a pic of over 30 people fishing off the bridge. This is a great time of year to start fishing off the bridge for Chinook. Tip: best tackle is a marabou jig or hot shot. Sockeye are entering the river now they can be seen rolling at the bridge. There is a small unattended campsite by the bridge that fills up quickly with campers. Lots of good memories for me and my family from this bridge.

FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY — Please get off the bridge when large trucks and equipment are crossing. This bridge has a wide deck sitting on a central pair of girders, and is designed to have the load travel the centre of the bridge. When a truck has to move over because someone didn’t want to get out of their lawn chair it endangers everyone on the bridge by putting the load off-centre. In some cases, especially lowbeds with excavators etc on them are too wide to pass without people moving.

Exstew River:
The recent heavy rain would have moved most all the Coho high up-river.

Exchamsiks River:
The recent heavy rain would have moved most all the Coho high up-river.

Kasiks River:
The recent heavy rain would have moved most all the Coho high up-river. A past guest of mine said this is the most beautiful river in the world...and I agree.

Coho are coming in now...

Zymoetz (Copper) River:
Water in good shape with a nice glacial tinge. The last high water should have brought in more summer-run Steelhead. I received a report of some good dry fly Steelheading. This is the time of year...before it gets too cold.
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