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Latest Flies
  • Something new for 2013
  • Epoxy Chum Fry A favourite fly of Vic Cararraos
  • Tadpoles!
  • Bacon n eggers A wicked pattern for steelhead, trout and all salmon, fished many ways and very successful!
  • Steelhead Muddler A great low water fly for steelhead and all trout
  • Egg-sukin leech A smaller version egg-sukin leech that works well in low, clean water
  • Steelhead Madness Coho, steelhead and many other fish eat this without hesitation
  • Orangesicle Good for Pike and Char.
  • Blue Morrison baitfish
  • Ultimate Squid TUBE A favorite color for some anglers trolling for Chinook behind the flasher.

    Always more coming and past flies below.

    Pictured at the right is the Kalumlow
  • Fly Coho Blue-zer Coho salmon, Bull trout, Rainbow and many other predatory "fish eating" species
  • Purple Peril great for Steelhead and Salmon.
  • Kalumlow great for Steelhead and Salmon.
  • Skeena Scar great for Steelhead and Salmon.
  • Hilton Boss char, rainbow, bull trout, brook trout and coho
  • Alley Alevin Trout
  • Copper Gammarus Trout
  • Blue Note great for Steelhead.
  • Polar Express steelhead low water, winter and salmon
  • Egg-sukin Beaver Leech Steelhead and Trout
  • Polar UV shrimp Steelhead and Trout
  • Chardolas' Bait pike n saltwater species, coho chinook barracuda
  • Fly Reeds Spey Steelhead and Trout
  • Egg-ster. Steelhead and Trout
  • Cutthroat Wish. Cutthroat and Rainbow
  • Gary's Gammarus. trout in B.C. lakes
  • Juno Flash Tube. Big Game, all Salmon, Trophy Trout.
  • Swift Squid. Redfish, stripers, sea trout, permit and more.
  • Roosterfish Kingfisher. Roosterfish, Pike, Dorado, Pacific salmon and many more!
  • Purple Hilton. Steelhead

    Pictured at the right is the Kitimat Combo.

  • <H1>Fly fishing in BC</H1>
  • Juno's Lamprey.
  • Blue Charmer. Steelhead
  • Muddy Waters. Steelhead
  • The Excursion Leech. Steelhead
  • Silver Hilton Steelhead.
  • Serendipity salmon - steelhead.
  • Babine Dusk Steelhead Babine River.
  • Spaced Out always a favourite!
  • Cooked Prawn Chinook - Coho.
  • Gummy Roe (Cotton Candy) a fly?

    Pictured at the right is the Babine Dusk.

    More flies below
  • <h1>Flyfishing B.C.</H1>
    <H1> Fly fishing flies</H1> Tying the Wynonna's Egg-sukin Brown Beaver!
    (WEBB LEECH) complete fly tying instructions and pictures.

    Check out Cory's How To Videos at Cory's Corner in the
    Fishing Forum

    More flies below.
    Amundson Fishing Tackle
    <H1>Fly fishing articles</H1> See the more than 100 archived topics from the old Fly Fishing section of the Discussion board. Stuff from favourite flys to the best model of fly tying vises!

    Six galleries literally hundreds of flies!

    See the Virtual Fly Tying Bench featuring wooly buggers, silly buggers and muddlers with a ton of variations.

    See below for lots of articles, flies and websites concerning Fly Fishing.

    Pictured to the left is the Carey

    Fly Fishing Resources

    <H1>Fly Fishing Resources</H1>

    The flies shown above are the Knouff Lake Special and the Black's O Lindsay. They are good flies to use if you are trolling a fly or fly fishing. Let them sink to the bottom and troll real slow.. use slow or medium sink line. If they are picking up mud they are in the right place. Ed Hendricks

    More flies and articles:

  • Fly Kitimat RED.
  • Article Fly Casting
  • Fly Koenig's Alevin
  • Fly The Steelhead Nightmare
  • Article: Fly Fishing for Salmon
  • Fly Egg Sukin Conehead Leech steelhead and trout.
  • Fly - Fly - Dubbed Egg
  • Fly - Spring Chicken Kitimat Steelhead.
  • Fly - Lake Rainbow Merlin Trout!

    Pictured right is the Spring Chicken
  • <H1>More Flies and fly fishing articles</H1>
  • Fly - Cisco good for lots of species.
  • Fly - Blue Thunder steelhead and trout.
  • Fly - Rainbow Trout (Brown Back) best baitfish bait!
  • Fly: The Popsicle
  • Fly: Gravelwalker
  • Fly: Tied Down Minnow.
  • Fly: Always a favourite The Pink Worm
  • Fly: For Steelheading Black Spey
  • Fly: Green Butt Skunk
  • Fly: Bug Eyes
  • Article: Searching for Coho on the Fly
  • Fly: Chaunigan Carey of Pheasant
  • Article: Fly Fishing Steelhead a Spring Primer
  • Fly Fishing Resources

  • The New Fly Fisher ezine.
  • Fly Fishing section at STS Guide Service.
  • Fly Tyer Magazine
  • Fly Anglers Online
  • Fly Anglers Online fly tying for beginners.
  • Fly Fishing West Magazine.
  • Hatches Magazine some free articles as well.
  • Fly Fishing Section in the discussion area.
  • Online Fly Tyer Courses
  • Kid Fish (click on Basic Flytying)
  • Fly Fish B.C.
  • Diptera Fly Fishing Resources a fly fishing site from the UK. Fly to the right is the Purple Austrian
  • <h1>BC Fly Fishing Newsletter</H1>
    BCFF Newsletter and previous newsletters.
    BCFF Newsletter
    Everywhere   Gallery  
      Album Images Details
    Rainbow Trout (brown back) Common Flies
    Jan, 2012

    Here are common flies found everywhere, you can pick them up at most fly shops or tackle stores. Or you can get new ideas and build your own. There are actually over 20 images here.

    Dubbed Eyed Egg Fly Fishing Gallery
    Jan, 2012
    28 In this gallery we have flies and we show all you need to make them.
    Lake Rainbow Merlin Fly Fishing Dry Flies
    Oct, 2011
    32 For all your dry fly fishermen here are a lot of good examples of dry flies used in B.C.
    Butler's Bug Fly Fishing Nymph Gallery
    Jan, 2000
    81 Here we have a lot of nymph flies used in B.C.
    Blue Thunder Fly Fishing Wet Fly Gallery
    Jan, 2012
    99 For all your wet fly fishermen here are a ton of good examples of wet flies used here in B.C.
    Spring Chicken Salmon/Steelhead Flies
    Jan, 2012
    40 These examples are flies commonly used to fish for salmon and Steelhead.
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