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Fly Kermit Poppers
KERMIT POPPERS-A great floating fly that is super strong, floats like a cork, equipped with a weed guard and googlie eyes that look and sound alive! These are a favorite with BASS and anglers alike, top water fishing is THE most exciting way to catch any fish! These are a great fly to have in your box for BASS, but these poppers really work well for many salt water species including coho, BIG rainbow trout, and a wide range of saltwater species like Roosterfish, Cobia, Redfish and Barracuda.

Hook: 3/0 stainless steel, straight eyed, this one is MUSTAD o'shaughnessy signature series (2x extra hard, 1x extra long)
Thread: Kevlar or BIG FLY thread
Weed guard: 50 lb mono, tied on top of hook, down to a half way point of the bend.
Butt cheek: tie in a ball of chenille, Polar UV or something else to build up a thick, hard ball for the legs to pulsate around.
Tail: DNA Holofushion, doubled for strength, about 20 strands
Legs: 2 pieces of Barred Zonker rabbit strips in lime green, tied in like a "V"
Legs2: 4 strands of Lime green rubber band, these were solid, so I took a sharpie to it for the black marks.
(Try to finish wraps and half-hitch in the center of the hook shank) Tie and secure with two half hitches, and coat with HARD HEAD adhesive.

Head: take a popper cylendar, cut diagonally with a razor, being careful to make each side the same size.
Slide a sharp pair of scissors into the center of the popper head, making sure the scissor points come out of the center of the cylendar on the opposite side.
Push foam cylendar head onto hook eye, until the eye of the hook is exposed again. Push scissors throught bottom of foam cylendar, on an angle, so you see the scissor tips come out, underneath the hook eye.
Re-start your tying thread in front of the popper head, wrapping tightly! Push the mono through the new hole, so that the end comes up through the eye of the hook, wrap mono with thread, clip mono close, half-hitch and cut thread.
Next, place popper head so that it dries level with the hook. Allow to dry for 8 hours.

When the HARD HEAD is dry, I use a hot glue gun to apply googlie eyes found at most craft stores, one on each side, being careful they match on both sides. Using colored felts or nail polish, I color the head, allow to dry, apply HARD HEAD in 2 applications, about 4 hours in between coats, allow to dry again, and you have a super strong popper for many species of fish!

fly by Cory Koenig of Webflyz.com
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