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Make a Difference take a Child Fishing
Kis FishingReminisce for a moment and remember your experiences as a child, when your father or other adult introduced you to the joys of fishing--the wide-eyed enthusiasm and anticipation of the bite. Whether bullhead or salmon it mattered not, the outing and camaraderie with an adult was the thrill. As we age the enthusiasm wanes, perhaps due to the pressures of adult life. The sport we enjoy the most is often curtailed due to other commitments. Would it not be wonderful to again experience these innocent pleasures from our youth? You do have the opportunity, take the time to introduce a young person to the pleasures of angling. His or her enthusiasm will be contagious and bring back memories of your first angling adventures.

Angling is an individual sport where all are equals. Children are not expected to be the best, nor pressured by their peers. Considering the negative influences and stress on our adolescents, the non-competitive nature and solitude of angling can be beneficial to their development. For you the adult, the opportunity to bond with and listen to the child can be priceless. Pass on your experience and your love of fishing. Teach the child the secrets of the sport, such as tying leaders, reading water etc. Their eagerness will rekindle your enthusiasm.

Nature is a wonderful companion and teacher, let the child experience the wonders of the outdoors. Don't be demanding and expect constant attention to the rod, a child's attention span is limited and the enjoyment of the outing may be building sand castles or looking for interesting insects. Be prepared to end the outing early, especially if the weather is poor. A bad experience for the child such as a cold, wet day will severely diminish their desire to go out again. Don't compromise on their tackle. Ineffective gear will cause them to lose interest. Pass down some of your treasured gear and have the patience to show them how to use it.

Many young people don't have the opportunity of experiencing the pleasures of angling and having an adult tutor. Single parents often do not have the time or the resources required. We all know of situations where these children would love the chance to go on a fishing outing. Big Brothers and Big Sisters are fine organizations looking for responsible adults to provide these types of excursions. The future of our sport is dependent on the involvement of our youth. Take the time to teach a child how to fish and to respect the environment. You will have the satisfaction of imparting your skills and perhaps the pride of seeing a young person develop into a responsible adult.

Membership to the BC Federation of Drift Fishers may be attained by mailing $10.00 to
335 Ward St., New Westminster, B.C. V3L 3N6.

Perhaps our only hope is with the children?


Rod Clapton
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