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Angling B.C. is one of the most popular BC fishing sites and one of the most popular fishing sites on the Internet with over 150,00 million unique visitors last year and in the peak season we get well over a million hits a month!
Our site is only concerned about fishing, our focus is not having a forum that is mainly dedicated to dating. It is easy to have a ton of visitors that way but if they are just coming for social issues and dating with view my profile etc. type posts that doesn't do anything for the advertisers and it just inflates their rates and visitors stats.

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Directory Listings: Directory Listing and Ad Page
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Besides promotional links we can help you get more exposure via fishing reports, videos, articles, events, site registrations and more. Which all help with your search engine standings as well.

We also do Search Engine Optimization

Getting your site to rank higher in the search engines for your keyword(s) takes a lot of work and know how as things change all the time. We have 3 different packages to offer.

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