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Search Engine Optimization - getting your website to rank higher on the search engines
Where is your website showing up on the search engines?
If you can't easily be found on the search engines how can you expect a lot of traffic to your site? Yes being promoted on AnglingBC makes a major difference but it should only be part of your plan. Back to the question, for the word or phrase you would like to be found under where do you show up?
In the top 10? Top 50? Top 100? If you are not in the top 20 then your chances of being found are not very good. People will search but only so far, after the first page it drastically goes down. What if your competition is before you? What if 5 of your competitors are before you? Its time to get serious about your position in the search engines, Google first, then Bing and Yahoo. More links from AnglingBC also helps your position, articles, fishing reports, fly tying, pictures, videos, it all helps.
Free Evaluation with each search engine package.
We will setup your website to rank better and then register your website with the main search engines and monitor your status for you depending on what SEO package you require. Our honest, no spam, SEO system will guarantee better positioning on the search engines. If your website is not receiving the results you expected please contact us to get your website to rank higher.
It takes a lot of work and know how to keep up with all the changes on the search engines, our SEO tech gets 3 newsletters every day just to keep up on what is happening with them. How well you do on the search engines can be the difference between being profitable or not on the Net .

We have 3 different packages to offer.

1. Monthly package, a full report on how you are doing in the top 3 search engines and an analysis of how to do better. ($75 a month)

2. Quarterly reports, same as above except every 3 months ($35 a month).

3. Whenever needed analysis summary ($399 for the first, $99 for each after) whenever you want.

Contact Us to get your website ranking better!
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