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December Fishing
Harrison Bay Guides Services StoreBy Tony Nootebos of Harrison Bay Guided Services

December, yuck winter’s here! Relax the Sturgeon fishing is still on fire, and there are still some good opportunities for late season fishing for trout, and early steelhead.
CutthroatFly fishing the main stem Fraser River can be downright awesome for cutthroat, and there are still a few late season chum salmon moving through as well. With strong numbers of aggressive trout plus the great Sturgeon fishing December is one of the best months for those looking for great fishing without crowds. Almost all of the gravel bars from Mission right up to Hope will have plenty of trout and the odd salmon passing through on their way to the spawning grounds,, with Spoon fishing, Plunking, and Fly fishing being the most popular methods for these late season salmon and bait fishing or fly fishing work best for the winter cutthroat trout.

The salmon fishing in December is hit and miss, and there are days when it appears the run is completely over, but other days you can be surprised by a school of late fish moving through. I recommend bringing a variety of trout, salmon, and sturgeon gear when fishing in the winter months, as you never know what to expect from day to day and at least you will have options if your original fishing plan is altered by weather or just slow fishing
Sturgeon The Sturgeon fishery of the winter months can be truly incredible, and although November marks the peak of this fishery, December sturgeon fishing can be good as well. Sturgeon are catch and release only in British Columbia and the fish average 3 to 6 ft, with fish over 8 ft caught every winter. We average a fish per hour for the winter months, and often more than 12 fish will be tagged and released in an 8 hour outing!

The Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society and many of the local fishing guides are now participating in a tagging program to measure the population, and overall health of the Fraser river white sturgeon. In the 2004 season Harrison Bay Guided Services fishing guide Anthony (Merr) Sprangers caught not 1 but 2 previously tagged sturgeon, that were originally tagged down on the Columbia River near Astoria, this shows that the sturgeon move from watershed to watershed moving up and down the coast traveling hundreds of miles along the way. Come take a guided trip and learn more about these truly amazing fish. Book today!
December is a great month to target trout and sturgeon on the same day. With cutthroat trout wintering in the Fraser main stem, and the sturgeon present and feeding 12 months of the year you do not have to travel far to find both with in only a few minutes of each other. Fly fishing, and bait fishing winter trout on the Fraser River can be challenging because most of these fish are on the move to where ever there next meal might be found, this means that just because you find trout feeding in an area one day, there is no guarantee that the trout will be found there the next day. Often the trout will travel in and out of the main flow and into the back waters in their search for food, so it is important to move around, and be willing to move around until you find a school of fish. Yes often the cutthroat will school up and often you will be able to spot feeding fish by the thrashing of the surface or by a constant flashing of fish below the surface, but unless you are sure there are fish present, if you do not catch a fish or spot some feeding fish with in the first 30 minutes or so move on to another likely spot for the ever searching Cutthroat trout.
SturgeonThe best part of winter fishing for trout is you never know what the next fish will be! Although the majority of fish caught will be Cutthroat, often we catch Rainbow and Bull trout in the same area’s, with whitefish also being a regular catch. Steelhead are also moving through the Fraser River in the winter months and every once in a while you will hook up with one making for a very interesting fight on light gear. Hang on!

British Columbia’s Fraser valley offers good fishing options 12 months of the year, other than the odd freeze up here and there the Fraser River and its many tributaries remain ice free and open for fishing. Whether you come on your own to explore our wonderful winter fishery or book a fully guided fishing trip we encourage you to come and enjoy a British Columbia fishing experience today!
Good fishing

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