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G&M Charters Fishing Report for Oct. 3rd
After coho started showing up in big numbers in early spring most anglers have been wondering if these were local fish, transient fish Canadian fish or American fish. Ends up they were probably all three. It's no secret coho have been getting caught in huge numbers all summer long on both sides of the island, and this trend has continued right up until the first week of October.

With local rivers all expecting good to great runs judging by the number of coho holding out in the Georgia Strait, in local bays and along the beaches from Campbell River down to Parksville. Hopefully DFO staff will keep anglers in mind and allow us access ASAP once target numbers are met or getting close.

As many saltwater anglers know the number of "so-called" marked or hatchery fish is becoming a huge issue when killing or setting free "so called" wild coho. Some local enhancement groups simply refuse to clip of mark any of "their" coho and as a result thousands and thousands of perfect good coho have to be set free , bleeding , floating and easy targets for seagulls who immediately peck the fishes eyes out. The last five charters out in the strait again turned into a slaughter of beautiful 8-15 lb so -called wild coho with all on board disgusted with the hatchery only rule which results in thousands upon thousands of coho being killed because DFO is out of touch with what goes on as usual. We counted 36 dead and floating coho on our last five hr charter in a 2-3 square mile area. Anglers should be allowed to take their first two fish each regardless of the wild or hatchery situation. The same situation applies to the ridiculous 24 1/2 " vs 18" chinook retention rule. I spent too much time researching this rule with only one DFO rep ever having a rely and then back peddling a few days later saying , " senior staffers don't want us commenting on the subject" end of story. The fact that DFO have full knowledge of thousands and thousands (probably tens of thousands) of just under sized (21-24") chinooks are killed every single year in the Georgia Strait. I kept track for two consecutive seasons and recorded 337 and 289 killed chinooks. That's one boat of the thousands and thousands that fish the strait every single season. How many chinooks are being slaughtered on the east coast of the island every single season?
Asking our local area 14 SFAB to pursue this was futile with answers like " don't let DFO know " and " move to a different area " won't solve this problem. Why are there two different size limits for inside and outside waters? Call DFO and just try and find out , good luck
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