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Sturgeon fishing discussion

I know nothing about Sturgeon Fishing, and would like to do it.
Can anyone share some tips and tactics with me?
If you could I would be very grateful.

Mick E Fin
Well there is some info on-line but in the interests of getting this place happening again here goes.

You need a strong rod about 7 feet long and a reel that will handle 30-50 pound line-at least 300 yds of it-a Shimano TLD 25 is a good choice.

I suggest using Tufline as your main string-the no stretch means you'll be able to put the hurt on him faster-mind you there's a price to be paid for that.

A longer rod as is popular with some folks means you won't be able to muscle the fish-he'll be using the longer rod to muscle you!

Your terminal gear should be a 3 way swivel-you can make one with a large heavy split ring and 3 heavy swivels easily enough.

Your mainline attaches to one swivel, the weight to the other and your hook on a 4 foot leader of 50-80 mono or Tufline to the the third.

The weight could be anything heavy enough- a railway spike is excellent in fast water and it should be tied on with something relatively weak like binder twine, the hook should be at least a 6/0 razor sharp barbless Octopus-style.

Bait-not too sure up where you are how available fresh roe is-not cured FRESH!!!-but that's best in season but dew worms, headless finfish of many kinds and even fresh squid will work-just use a big gob of whatever.

Cast the mess out into the edge of a current, hole in the bottom and wait.

No action in 1/2 hour?-Move.

You'll know that distinctive tap-tap-tap when Acipenser Transmontanus comes calling.

Hang on and have fun-remember it's 100% C&R throughout the Fraser system.

thank you for the info Mick.
I didn't expect someone to tell me so much!

But I have a few more questions, The river now is pretty high, should I wait until it lowers before I go fishing?
And, say I do everything right and have a sturgeon ready to be landed, what then? I noticed in a lot of pictures that the fish was turned upside down. Is that like holding a shark upside down, to make it stay still?

Mick E Fin
Yes wait until the river is dropping as long as it's raging/coming up you'll have a tough time to fish properly even if you could find one that's feeding.

The fish is turned almost upside down to get hook out of his sucker mouth-Sturgeon actually come in quite quietly once they are beat.

Makes them easy to release, as does the barbless hook.

As to landing a Sturgeon nothing is easier-bring him close to the boat/into shallow water , grab the hook, twist it loose and away he goes!

Please don't bring any fish out of the water for pictures no matter what some ignorant doughead is doing in other photos.

Sturgeon have no internal bones to support their innards and as you know a fish weighs 3 times as much out of the water so the fish you see somebody holding up out of the water are almost certainly having their guts ruptured and will die shortly after release.

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