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Bass stocking controversy

I was in the interior last year and popped into the Powederkeg for some flies. An interesting book caught my eye called "The complete guide to Bass Fishing the lower mainland" sponsored by the W.C.B.A (West Coast Bass Anglers)

I was surprised to hear of Bass Fishing is BC so I bought the book to read later. Upon reading the opening paragraph which described the importance of "catch and release" fishing I was shocked to see that the reason it was "so important" to the author was because he recognized that Bass have been and are currently being illegally stocked therefore to ensure their survival in the lakes we should all "catch and release" for at least the next few years.

I am from back east and loved the bass fishing in 16-mile creek near Toronto. In fact I used to do it almost everyday however I also know that BASS eat everything including trout. Rarely did you ever catch a trout there or lake Ontario for that matter.

The book goes on to tell you where the entire illegal stocking sites are down to the bridge you fish under or the dock you stand on. It then goes on to tell you why the DFO doesn't know what they are talking about and why you should ethically fish for illegally stocked bass. I am disgusted that there is a club obviously involved in this illegal stocking of fish. The DFO should take a hard line with these people before they ruin the trout fishery for good.

If you want to BASS fish - move!

In case anyone cares here are my favorite mostly illegally stocked BASS fishing spots. I recommend you go there and kill as many bass as you want. (limit is 6 per day I believe)of course check your regs some of the lakes may be DFO stocked and should be preserved.

1. North End of Cusheon Lake on Salt Spring Island near the logs, docks and the overhanging tree.
2. Duck Lake Creston BC
3. Elk and Beaver lake Vancouver Island
4.Hatzic Lake in Mission (east channel or south end of the lake)
5.Kootenay Lake & River
6.Mill Lake Abbotsford BC (dock in NE corner)
7. North Alhouette River Maple Ridge below Neaves road
8.Osoyoos Lake
9.Prospect Lake Vancouver Is.
10.Quennell Lake Vancouver IS
11. Shawnigan Lake Vancouver IS
12. SkahaLake Penticton BC
13. Spider Lake Vancouver IS
14 St.Mary's Lake Salt Spring IS
15. Sturgeon Slough Maple Ridge BC
16. Walmsley Lake Abbotsford Bc
17 Vaseux Lake ok falls BC

One last thought, I don't agree with everything the DFO does but I certainly don't like people taking the law into their own hands claiming they know better. I like even less clubs based on illegal activity. I am surprised that Barry's Bait and Tackle are endorsing this sort of thing.

Additionally as mentioned above the WCBA now has it's own "supplimental" fishing regulations at http://www.wcba.ca/regs.html Why don't we just hand over the DFO to them right now. Why wait? You can see


I would like to add another system that has possibley been illegaly stocked.The Brunutte river in Burn.,Coq. has had sporadic out breaks of small(4-10inch) fish over the last couple of years.A buddy who fishes there alot has caught many and has called fisheries and never got an answer as to what these fish were.He was sure they were small bass

Tuesday, January 28, 2003 - 08:12 pm i think we should wipe out them dam bass the other fishing site bc adventures are promoting bass fishing too they are haveing a get together on the island bull crap if you ask me i will go fishing with anyone to kill them i am from back east too why do people whant to ruin a great fishery were people come from all over the world to fishh salmon steelhead and trout not dam bass

Tony you are correct this is generally an issue for the The Ministry of Water, Land and Air however the DFO are also going to be interested if Bass are eating salmon and steelhead fry and therefore hurting salmon and steelhead stock.

This is a very serious situation. I agree that bass are a self sustaining population at the risk of all other non predatory fish populations. Most trout do not graduate to eating fry. (in lakes anyways) and will not survive the introduction of Bass into a lake. The WCBA constantly references LM160 as justification for Bass stocking by quoting paragraphs such as&

Section 3, Synopsis of Information, page 33, paragraph 4:
"Largemouth bass probably compete very little with resident trout for food or space except perhaps as juveniles in certain water bodies. The degree of habitat overlap between largemouth bass and salmonids is small due to preferences for different environmental variables, especially summer temperatures. In the Sacramento River, California, largemouth bass prey on squawfish which are significant predators on salmonids."

The WCBA doesn’t tell you that the report found one case of a serious problem caused by largemouth predation on summer rearing Coho salmon in an Oregon coastal lake.

A summary of the report indicated that accidental introduction of a bass tapeworm into Lower Mainland waters should be avoided by obtaining certified bass stocks. It indicates that these fish should be planted in a lake where the fishery can be informed regarding the dangers
of illicit stocking.

I'll be honest with you, I have only seen a summary of the report but have requested a copy from the government. I'll let you know what it says.


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