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Where to Fish for smallies

I was wondering if someone could help me decide where to go this spring to catch smallmouths. I've gone several times to Saltspring and have yet to catch any of those alledged 5-6 lbders. This biggest I've coaught was three lbs not bad but not a trophy either. This year would I better off trying some of the Victoria area lakes Langford Elk/Beaver?

I have been to Elk lake in the summer in the past, and it is prime bass country. Elk Lake is great for bass, I highly recommend it, they'll take anything from worms, to spinners, to rapalas. It all depends on the day I guess.

If nothing else, throw in a bass rapala, it'll work, I promise. What I dont know, (being from Ontario), is when the bass come back to the flats in BC lakes, June-August is great for bass fishing.

Chris do you flyfish for bass and if so what type's of flies do recommend.Thks

I don't know about Chris, but I have flyfished for bass on a number of occassions, with some success. I generally use leech patterns, either black or burgundy. I have also used "poppers", which are tied with cork and deer or elk hair, but haven't had as much success with those. There are some good bass lakes in the Okanagan, and Vaseaux Lake near OK falls is reported to be one of the best.

Me personally, no I do not fly fish for bass. I'm a troller / caster. Works for me so Im happy!

Anyways, Sandman is right, I have seen guys on Elk Lake using leech patterns and getting fish. I guarantee you that you'll get a bass on Elk Lakje if you stay out a couple of hours and fish it prorperly. (usually 30 mins is all you need for 1 or 2, but I can never say that you definately will in that amount of time).

Do you live on the island, or mainland, because there is a lake in Abbotsford somewhere that is upposed to be decent as well.

Re: Vasseaux Lake - Has anyone fished there recently ? Just wondering if a boat is required. Any other details greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I've seen some people fish from shore but a boat is likely an asset. Note the powerboat restriction--no motors! Unfortunately Vasseux blows out with freshet.

hey bobber i've fished vaseax a number of times and caught some truly trophy bass. Last june me and a buddy stopped by there on the freeway on the way to Skaha lake but the campsites were full as always so we pulled into a parking lot and walked to the waters edge by a large patch of lilly pads and waded in. My first cast saw nothing so I waded out even futher I threw a grass frog topwater bait and booooom! 5lb6oz hog weighed on electronic scale and returned safely back to the lake. Do you need a boat definitely, but that was an isolated incident. We waded another two hours around that point and didn't even get another bite

has anyone fished St.mary's or Cusheon on Saltspring what was your success, I founfd the fishing too easy but all the Bass were "cookie cutter size" where do all the 6lb myths come from? can somebody help me I caught probably 500 bass from st.mary's and none were over three pounds. Am I missing something? I am no beginner and tried evertype of lure, presentation and depth imaginable help me! This a great site I'm new to it so I just wanted to thank everyone!

there are places in St. Mary's where the 'big boys' hold,but they aren't where most of the others are;fall is your best bet.
also,you are fishing all day for just one or two bites.
Cusheon has been described as a largemouth lake full of small smallies,good for kids.

I have had some good fishing for small mouths at Quesnel lake on Vancouver Island. (in the Cedar area south of Naniamo) It is sometimes refered to as Zuidrazee (not sure of the spelling) which is the campsite that you can launch a boat at. I don't get there much anymore but used to see bass up to 6 lbs. with quite a few 3-4 lbers. Spider lake up near Qualicum used to produce too but I haven't been there for a very long time. Both lakes also have trout as well. This will give you some more options when fishing the Island if you want to get away from the Victoria area and still go for bass.

thanks Carl but i think I fished every piece of water on St.Mary and nothing over three pounds,and even the three pounders I have caught were very few and far between. Where is this place "where the big boys hang out" Any hint would be apprecioated. Thanks Brad I'll Check it out, You said you've seen bass up to 6 lbs in Quesnel Lake? thats amazing size for smallmouths. If the Yanks new about this kind of bass fishing they'd go bonkers.

I have never hear of smallmouth in Sassamat, but I have heard it hold some huge trout.
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