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People's Favourite Salmon to Eat

I'm curious what exact salmon species is everyone's favourite eat?

1) Pink
2) Coho
3) Sockeye / Red Spring
4) White Spring
5) Chum
Never tried steelhead, Im curious to see which species it tastes most like, or just rainbow trout?

Gotta say that sockeye is the king, with red spring next. I would never kill a pink,or a chum, and white spring is like munchin' on your own ass. Killed a hatchery steel last year and that meat was excellent....better than any rainbow I've ever had. I could eat sockeye every day.

Sockeye without a doubt. Red spring and coho are also very yummy. I had a steelhead smoked last year for the first time, it was alright, but nothing special. Can't stand pink, it tastes bland, I had smoked chum once (it was from a chromer from the chuck), and it was pretty good, but I've never had it from the river, nor do I want to.

My brother brought baked up some white meated semi chrome chum like we would have baked up red spring and everyone who tried it (I never had the oppurtunity to) said it was unbelieveable. I've had atlantic, its awesome, Red chinook is awesome as well, haven't tried Sockeye yet. Had smoked chum, right now I don't think I've acquired a real taste for it. Chum jerky is pretty good though. Another friend of mine had some pink meat semi chrome chum and said it was awesome and gave coho a run for its money.
One thing I have noticed is that Chums have a variety of meat colours, some are white meated, some are pink meated (richer meat) and a select few have meat that is a tinge of both. Chum is under rated by most from what I've been subjected to, as long as you aren't fishing the spawning beds.

I took a fresh chum from the Stave this year and smoked it on my barbeque (cedar plank style). It was excellent. Obviously Sockeye is going to be the best tasting fish, but the other species all offer good eating if some care is taken in preparation. After Sockeye, pinks and chums are the most numerous and therefore most able to sustain high harvest levels and should not be overlooked as a food fish. Pinks taken in the chuck in Indian Arm or in the estuaries of rivers like the Seymour offer great flyfishing opportunities as they school near the shoreline, as well as good eating if smoked with a good brine.

I agree with sandman, when it comes to smoking pinks. If they are caught before they significantly turn colours, they're flesh is choice. I now target them after tasting them for the first time.

All salmon can be excellent if done appropriately. Except for fish in the river--I would never eat a chum in the river, but caught in around Greensey and Deepwater bay they are excellent cooked anyway. Pink are best eaten as fresh as possible--never freeze a pink.

My personal opinions:

1. sockeye--the best
2. Spring-I love red and white is good when it is not in the river. It smells when it is in the River and Vedder fish seem to smell especially bad.
3. Coho -can be just as good as spring--but not usually, River fish can be rubbery if they are not really fresh.
4. Pinks and Chum--never from a river. Both are excellent in the chuck. Although some pink exceptions occur with very fresh fish--but they have to be very fresh.They turn so fast.

Chum are alright if you just plain eat them, as many of you have said, smoked there great. White Spring taste horrible. Sockeye would have to be the best followed by Coho.

Sockeye is indeed the most flavorfull fish next to the red spring. Coho are about med. when it comes to flavor with pinks and chum lagging far behind. White Springs are a bit less flavorfull than their red counterparts. Taste is only one factor though, texture to some is also important.
Coho is generally a bit more delicate than sockeye (smoother) and poaches very well, while sockeye are great canned, smoked and barbequed. Another factor to consider is how far the fish has to travel as well. I rarely kill a white spring in the vedder but I'll take a white caught in the fraser (headed for the interior rivers) any time because the fish that have longer to travel generally have a higher fat content when they first enter fresh water.

As for Chums, I rank them on the bottom of my list even though I have tried a few that were ocean mint bright (no hint of bars whatsoever). They are just too bland for my liking. Some say they smoke well but maybe its the only way to get them to taste half decent (I'll take a smoked red spring over a smoked chum any day). Speaking of smoking, have you wondered where the bbq salmon tips that you see in Safeway and Save-on come from? Well, think chehalis hatchery and think chum!!! yes, the beat up dogs that reach the hatchery are loaded up in big plastic crates and shipped out to be processed into the lovely flurorescent red bbq tips you see in your local supermarket.

I had a craving and tried the Safeway *bbq tips* last weekend and was really dissapointed. Lousy texture and so so flavour but they looked great in the counter. Can't comment what they would be like (chum) if they came bright from the chuck and were home smoked, but would love to try it.

I recently caught a semi dark/chrome chum and marinated then bbq'd that same day. It was amazing as I didn't like salmon before. I even had it cold and I was told that it tastes so much better hot.

Best Smoked...............Red Spring
Best Canned................Red Spring
Best Barbequed............Red Spring
Best Fryed..................Red Spring
Best Baked..................Red Spring
Best any other way......Red Spring

Followed by Coho, then Sockeye, the others aren't even worth mentioning. Steelhead is OK.

ALL RIVER FISH ARE TRASH! Except maybe a silver winter run steely or maybe some alpine lake panfrys!
Everything in the salt chuck is great except for the dogs,they aint good for much,maybe for the crab pot and hally bait but thats about it.
The best by far is WEST COAST red springs feeding on sandlance and squid,you just cant beat that thick layer of fat on those football shaped fish!

I even find a difference in the inside fish ie,Campbell crick all the way down to Georgia Strait,they just dont taste as good.
The second best fish in the north Pacific is Yellow eye's,batter them bad boys up and deep fry em,hard to beat with a couple dozen cold Pils!

Not all of us target salmon that are half dead on the spawning beds. Red Springs, Coho, and Sockeye, when first entering the Fraser are in absolute prime shape as they have just stopped eating and have a nice layer of fat to keep them strong on the upcoming journey.

Your right about the Alpine Lake panfrys. Especially the red-meat Kamloops strain. They are delicious fryed over a campfire.

Can't say about river fish cause I've always released them, but all fish I've caught in the chuck were great. This does include chum and pinks. True sockeye do seem to taste better. About the idea that chum out of the chuck don't taste good. Would that be because people really don't like them or because they were/are reffered to as Dog salmon, which came from first nations when the caught them out of the rivers. Again, I don't know what they taste like in freshwater, but in the chuck I think they're great.

I don't have anything against Chum Salmon, but I catch enough Pacific Red(Red Spring, Coho, Sockeye), that I don't bother to keep the others.

Its like having your freezer full of beef tenderloin and then buying a chuck steak for dinner. You wouldn't do something like that. Same goes for salmon.

There are those who would regard sockeye (for example)as the "beef tenderloin", but chum (for example) as the "pot roast". You seem to be saying that you would turn your nose up at "pot roast", because you can afford to have a freezer-full of "tenderloin". Is that what you mean to say ? Just wondering ...

That's exactly what I'm saying. Why eat second class salmon if you can catch enough first class salmon.

However, if I could afford to fill my freezer with beef tenderloin(which of course I can't), I would still go out for a pizza or burger once in a while. But if I was wealthy and I was going to eat beef, it would be the beef tenderloin. That's why with salmon, I only eat the nice red fleshed fish, because I was able to catch enough this year to last until next season.

I wish I could afford to buy beef tenderloin once a month, much less every time I eat beef.

Any of you Islanders caught any sea-run browns(sea trout)? I've always preferred them to any other salmonid tastewise.

just made some smoked, canned red spring from the fraser. This stuff is deadly good!!!

Fresh Sea Run Cutts are the premier eating fish. They taste better than fresh prawns. Yellow eye ranks a close second after all they are full of those keratins.

Theres nothing better than a Cogburn Creek wild steelhead to fill the belly, with a little wild Kanaka Creek steelhead tartar.....mmmmmm.Sweet.

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