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I myself like to stick to salmon, steelhead, and trout. How bout yourself? Hears a few tips i picked up off TNN: 1)fish the heavy cover( it can be productive) 2)use a 5 foot ugly stick and i mean ugly so you can can yank em out of that nasty heavy cover 3)use heavy line 20-25lb preferably spiderwire so your really using about 50lb just what i've picked up on TNN over the years. but i'm not to much of bass fisherman so maybe yoy should watch TNN yourself next Saturday mornin

If you choose to stick with salmon, Centerpinkid, I respect your choice, and appreciate your candor. I used to watch the BassMasters religiously (ooops, hope I don't offend anybody) and THAT is what started me on his Bass thing after 25 years in exile. Thanks for the tips, we can use them! Cheers :)

Because I flyfish and so can't use the 30lb spiderwire in the heavy cover, I have found early morning to be the best. Before the sun hits the water the bass will cruise the open shallows of a lake like any trout will. I have used floating line with large ugly nymph patterns, or sinking lines and leeches, and slow retrieves with both. With the floating line I use a leader long enough for the nymph to reach the bottom, hanging almost strait down from my strike indicator like a chronomid. I then twitch it along the bottom slowly, like it is crawling to a rock or weed to hatch. It is best to tie these flies with a weed protector to avoid snags. Although I have used poppers, I haven't had as much success with them, even in the thick lillypads. It seems that if the bait isn't being stripped across the water (not easy with a flyrod) the bass here won't take it as readily.

hi all love fishing for smallies in christina lake in the kooteneys caught many of them while trolling a wedding band worm combination. i hear there are bass in hatzic lake i have fished there but havent caught any can anyone verify this for me thanks

I know one person that fishes hatzic alot. STrict bass and crappie fisherman. The last I heard was that he got one a year

bass have gotten a bad rep from TV shows-that is to say they show those 'pros' who really are good,just yarding the fish to the boat,one jump for the camera maybe,that's it. as Ryan has said they use heavy gear and seem proud of it!?,fish fight isn't part of the equation,just more pounds in the livewell,more$$$. i rarely use more than 10lb(fireline) and 8lb is plenty for me the fun comes in figuring out where fish might lie,and putting a topwater bait of some description in place,twitching it and waiting for KAPOW!! at that point i always burst out laughing,just from sheer joy. just by co-incidence a buddy of mine to-day offered to loan me his Zodiac & motor,so it looks good for exploring Kawkawa Lk this spring. has anyone ever fished Spider Lk.on VI? the reason i ask is a couple salmon fishing guides i know had a great time there one year but weren't terribly forthcoming with details. i know it's in a Provincial Park so no gas motors,something i REALLY like about bass fishing in BC.

Excellent RodBender! I prefer to use "lighter" line as well. The Pros on TV DO give the sport a bad name, but as you said...they are getting paid for it, no sense playing a fish when you have to be back at "weigh-in" in a couple of hours. So, they just "horse" it into the boat and plop it into the Live-well. When I first started watching Bass-Masters (about 12 years ago), I didn't realize that they released the fish after the tourney...they didn't emphasize the fact! I didn't know that gas motors weren't allowed in Provincial Parks! Is this a Province-wide thing or does it JUST apply to the Island. We go to several Provincial Parks in the Interior and I have never heard of this....Other than Vaseaux Lake in the Okanagan, but that's because it is a bird sanctuary (or something to that effect).

It depends on which lake. The new park on the west side of Okanagan lk. has an excellent boat launch. There's buoys set out to tie up at night.

I absolutely respect bass fishing for what it is..those who fish bass, great...they're a great game fish I'm sure. I've never fished for them before, but I know I will one day! I'm happy with what I have here, and I think salmon, steelhead, and trouth are probably the most beautiful fish in the world too look at..this is simply my opinion and you can take it with a grain of salt. I have recommended reading for anyone out there, even if you're not into bass fishing. Jimmy houstons Bass fishin tips n tales: Caught me a Big 'un...is probably one of the most entertaining books I've ever read relating to fishing. It gives tips and has some really funny, and some really neat stories. I think I've read that book about 4 times at least. The one thing I found funny, was when they were fishing for Bass way down south in Venzesuala (can't spell) or somewhere like that in this tournament, and they were using like 40 pound test for the Bass down there to be sure not to have breakage problems. These are only 10 pound Bass! I couldn't believe it. Down here its almost exactly the opposite, 10 pound leader, for 40 pound springs! And springs and steelhead and the other salmon and known throughout the world for their fighting abilities. They sure are paranoid about line tests..must be because they haven't found Maxima yet.. Scott

Don't worry Scott, you're definately right oabout the looks. (Even I'll admit Bass arent the most picturesque fish.) They're good lookin in, 'my mom thinks so' kind of way, as where salmon and trout, char, etc. are good lookin as in, well, thewy're just damn shiny and sometimes colourful, just good lookin. Man, whats with the sudden uproar of bass fishing in the beginning of February?!? -chris PS. Maxima and no other!

sorry i didn't make myself clear,certainly the no-motor rule doesn't apply to ALL Provincial Parks. last year i looked into going to Spider and the regs said no power boats. anyway there's no power boats on St.Mary's where i usually go,except for the floatplanes owned by people living on the lake. and do some people HATE those planes-you can read about it in the local paper-what a hoot! it's kind of like the squabling on this site-the less important it is the more seriously people take it.

I don't know of any lakes up here that you can't use electeric on. I've seen those mini kotas ? in pawn shops for 100 buck.I flyfish the high lake to get away from traffic. I just row or use my belly boat,most of the lakes are small.

re Venezuela-those are not a bass as we know them,the places those fish are caught are 'somewhat' similar,the shape of the fish as well,thus the name used. anyway they're also called Peacock,Rainbow and Butterfly 'bass'. in the jungles of South&Central American there are a number of lodges that target them almost exclusively,it's a very popular fishery. i've caught 'Guapote'-'handsome' as they are known in Spanish in the jungle in Costa Rica-lots of fun from a dugout canoe. parallels with the BC situation-sorry to bring this up-Peacocks have been unlawfully introduced in southern Florida,now there's sportsfishery for them there as well,they don't get that big,not like in the Amazon watershed. as for the 40lb leader they are so strong the hooks that come with most freshwater bait are completely inadequate,all your hooks need to replaced with large singles,or 4x strong trebles.

i just rememebered the other name for them- 'Pavon' or peacock in Engish.

Scott, it is not so much that they are worried about line tests, these are not paranoid anglers or anything like that. It is just where they choose to fish requires that kind of overkill. Imagine yourself on the Vedder and you come up to a log jam at the Ranger run after a particularly nasty spell of weather. Now imagine yourself droping your little yarn presentation right down into the middle of the jam. You would certainly need more than ten pound leader to haul even a small 6 pound steelhead out of there. That is the situation facing a lot of bass fishermen when hunting for the "lunker". The bass's tendency to hold deep inside a structure often means tossing your bait right into a tangle of sunken branches or roots and letting the bait sink down into them. When the bass takes, you must then pull it straight up out of the mess. That is why a good stout ugly stick and 30 pound line is required for 5-10 pound fish. Unfortunately, once you remove the fish from the structure, (which takes only a few seconds or you will lose the fish) you now have way too much gear for the fish.

note to Fishcarver-for regulatory purposes 'power' means gas or diesel engines not electric. the first time i rented an electric motor i said to the guy-how do you turn this thing on?-he said-it's already running! those things are amazing.

Whereabouts on the Ok river were you catching smallies? What depth, what structure and how? Just curious cause I've never really heard much about river bass fishing.

Spigot, Bass DON'T suck...they gasp! There's only a few good places along the OK river that can hold any smallies. I usually would fish near any of the drop structures, or anywhere near "something", whether it is a culvert, an overhanging tree, a change in bed structure...this is where they will likely congregate. However, as I said in a recent post, the Bass fishing in that particular river has been kinda crappy the last few years...hooked ONE this summer...that was it! If your not too picky, there's lotsa MONSTER carp in there. Check the regs. that river has a few exceptions to the Spring closure, AND it is all Single-barbless hook. If you follow the river South (towards Osoyoos Lake) you will see some prime LargeMouth waters on the East side...lots of Backwaters and pools. It IS possible to access the backwaters from Osoyoos lake, just head up the river, and you'll notice a little channel that cuts in from the right (as you're heading Upstream), from there it becomes a bit of a maze, but eventually you'll find your way through it all (some dead-ends) and you SHOULD end up near the Radio tower about 1/2 way to the first drop structure on the river. There's some HUGE turtles in those backwaters! And I DON'T mean the chocolate kind!

Sounds delightful ... largemouth, carp and man-eating turtles. Can't wait to see my travel agent on Monday. What country is this in again ? :)

Fortunately (or UNfortunately, depending on how you feel about it), those are just ordinary painted turtles...haven't SEEN any snapping turtles around! There are also Rattlesnakes (seen 'em) and Scorpions too. Always wear thick-soled boots and baggy pants. Be mindful of the ticks that live in the long grass, and DON'T drink the water from that lake...highest Fecal-coliform count in BC!

Yeah Mac I hear ya I've been up in the oxbows a few times and bagged a6 lber last june weighed on a normark scale and releases to grow soem more. I've seen snakes sorpions and god knows what else. Great fishing up there! Where else on Osoyoos have youfished for Bass?

That has pretty much been the extent of my Bassin' in the 'Yoos! We DID try out on the lake itself once but caught nothing but perch :( There is one good lookin' bay that I've got my eye on though, you can see it on the East side of the Lake as you're coming down the Richter Pass, just after the ViewPoint. Nice big bay, looks fairly deep...who knows? The last successful bassin' experience in Osoyoos (about 10 years ago), saw me catching them smallmouth's just about anywhere I cast a line. We were catching at the first drop structure (closest to the Lake), in the backwaters, any ditch or pond that we came to..we nailed 'em. I was using a gray salt 'n pepper tube jig on a 1/4 oz jig head and basically just throwing it in and retrieving...no finesse involved, but they were eating it up like it was their last meal! Caught and released ALL. If you happen to stay at Hayne's Point, there's also a bit of backwater in there and I have hooked (and lost) some nice ones. Beware of the cactus, and the banks which can give way under foot. Apparently Goodman's Pond (where ever THAT is) holds some decent bass, as does DeadMan lake along the highway towards Oliver...I've SEEN them jumping in there! Also try Tugulnuit lake right in downtown Oliver (get directions, I can't remember the EXACT location), and remember: LEAVES OF THREE, LET THEM BE! (the Boyscout's Poison Ivy motto!) * I would be interested in learning of OTHER Bass waters in that area, as we go there at least twice a year.

Well mac you've pretty much named em' all except for furhter north, Skaha is developing nicely. Last june me and my buddy went from Osoyoos lake to Deadman, Vaseaux and ended up in Skaha. I didn;t want to leave Osoyoosbut my buddy (who owned the boat) wanted outa there. he couldn't catch anything while I slaughtered (not litterally) Thats the trip I got that 6lbder. But didnt get a picture. He can't fish with worms or grubs, hes got no finesse whatsoever. While I can go all day with a purple texas rigged worm. All he can do is fling hardware but they would'nt bite. We fished primarily in the oxbows at the north end. We tried off of Haynes point, there is alot of curly tailed submergent veggies there but no fish, just some perch and squafish. We tried that bay on the south side of the Point along the west shore but only saw some huge carp, Almost gave me a heart attack, thought they were bass at firdt glance. Would have loved to explore some more but like I said my buddy wanted out. How big were the smallmouths that you caght? All I got were largemouths. Where are some of these ditches and slough type areas that you were talking about?

You were catching Bass in SKAHA? How did THAT one get by me? Hmmm, missed it all together! I can't remember the exact names of the sloughs and backwaters around Osoyoos. As you leave Osoyoos (heading North towards Oliver), you pass by the Willow Beach campground/RV park at the very North end of the lake. Stay on the main road till you come to a street that cuts in from the right, I think it's called 21st ST. Follow it until you get to a bridge that crosses the OK river. Don't cross the bridge, take the road to the LEFT and stay on THIS side of the river, going North. Within 1/4 mile or so, there's a culvert that comes underneath the dike and spews water (quite forcefully) into the river; Fish there! Where the water comes out is fairly clean but there's two THICK weedbeds on the upstream and downstream sides of the culvert, they like to hide in there sometimes... If you have no luck there, continue North along the dike till you see another pond/slough/irrigation channel on your left. Again, this passes under the dike and dumps into the river through a small "floodgate" type of valve. I have had hits in the pond side AND caught my largest smallie (about 4 lbs) where this dumps into the main river; just casting a crankbait UPSTREAM and hauling it it FAST! As you continue to head North, stop at ALL the drop structures and fish on the downstream side of them. If the river is not too high, you can catch smallies in the under-currents by dropping a heavy jig into the turbulence and letting the current wash it around (2 lb'er). Don't bother in areas of really OPEN water, and/or if you can clearly see the bottom and/or if there's no structure for them to hide in. Sometimes, I'll cast Upstream of the drop structures and reel in like crazy (imitating a baitfish that's running for it's life) and the smallies will POUNCE out of the weed cover and hit it...only problem then is that they get swept into the current and you'll probably lose them or your tackle or BOTH. Eventually, you will get to a gate on the dyke and you won't be able to go any further. At this point, turn West (left) and head back towards the highway. If you're on the right road (sometimes they lock different gates) you should soon see another channel/ditch thing that passes through a culvert and under the road. I've caught some small ones (<1 lb) on the left-hand side...too much muck, coontail and millefoile on the right side. This summer, I kinda got lucky in that they locked the gate, but left the gate on the OTHER side of the bridge open! I was able to drive all the way to where the river goes under the road outside of Oliver. Some potentially NICE Spots, but only 1 hit. I had to drive in reverse for about 2 miles before I could find a spot to turn around. This was on the Labour Day weekend this summer....pretty hot, might have had better luck earlier in the season, if you know what I mean. *

Hey Mac yeah smallmouths in Skaha. You know where that train pilings extend over the begining of the OK river? Well we got them in there and up that same shoreline, it drops off pretty sharply so throwing a gig and bouncing down the ledges worked great. There is also a point close to the public boat launch at the south end that had lots of basketball sized rocks that were crawling with crawfish we were banging off there as well. Lots of top water action over that point early in the day and at dusk. But the best place was about two hundred yards out from the point. There are two maker bouys, one at each end of a sunken Island or reef type structure that has good submergent veggies so we trolled around and around it and had good success although all the smallies we caught were about a pound except for one that I got way up the eastern shore under a dock just feet away from a steeeeep drop of, there is huge cliff, there is a shallow ledge with some grass then just feet away it drops down over a hundred feet! I knew there had to be some smallies there but we only got a couple.

Okay, bassperts ("bass + experts"), here's a legit question for you ... how early could a liberal-minded trout fishermen expect to have any success (fishing success, that is) fishing for those ugly things in the Osoyoos/Oliver area ? And where would one be most likely to find the non-hibernating version ? I've read about winter bass fishing in the Excited States (no, not in Florida), but I'm not sure about here in B.C. I've heard that the bass alarm clock doesn't go off until June, but I seldom believe everything I hear.

as soon as it starts to warm up-April? remember that they spawn in the spring-males are guarding nests,so are very easy to pick off. certainly earlier in the OK than on VI. non-hibernating version?well it's possible to catch them in the winter,just find them usually suspended just off bottom,drag something in front of them sloooooowly,slooooooowly,and wait for a pick-up. or vertical jig with spoons;not nearly the fun of a bursting surface strike,don't have the patience for it myself.

Thanks Bassfreak! I'll keep that in mind, we usually head out to the OK around Easter time (maybe a bit early...), and with any luck, we'll be bringing a boat! I've always wondered about Skaha...I mean...it's so close to all the others, it SHOULD hold bass, right? Those train pilings look like perfect cover, but I haven't been around that lake in a boat much...use to DRIVE on it in the winter! If that IS the case, then they should also be in OK Lake...co-habitating with the trout...imagine that! Bobber, According to what I've read, the time to fish for Largemouths is when the water temp hits 68F. Apparently, that is when they go into spawning mode. Vaseaux Lake is good any time between late April till about the end of June. You can still fish there in July, August but the millefoile gets so thick you can't row through it. I guess you could WALK on it though. As far as Smallmouths go, I have read of guys catching them in rivers all year long, so if you have a particular stretch of water (that you KNOW holds Smallies), give it a try! You might have to use different baits/techniques to find one that works for you. Try small spinners, rooster-tail types or small spinner jigs. *

I have been told that there are bass in Albert Dick lake . Does anyone know if it is true?And has anyone cuaght any bass in Mill lake if so what to use and where in the lake I have not had any luck there yet.

Bobber when bass get into a river system they take over the feeding lies and holding areas. They are quite aggressive,forcing the trout and or steelhead out into open water. Where they succomb to exposure, starvation and predation. This is why the F.W. are so concernd about bass in lakes that are feeding into the Fraser system.

bass in rivers are a blast to catch,i grew up doing it. a variation on BC-style drift fishing is to use the smallest float,weight and hook you can get away with and drift a small chunk of earthworm thru a likely place-KAPOW!! even more fun was to drift an unweighted chunk,freespooling it downstream when conditions were right. also the rivers i fished as a kid had no salmon in them but there were always trout,if that's what you wanted.

O.K. bobber he goes. What rodbender said about the best bet being in the OK before the island is not totally accurate, here's why, it usually doesn't heat up more in the OK faster than the Island until late april early May then it heats up in the OK. The second reason is that smallmouths are much more tolerant of colder water than Largemouths are. You can still catch smallies now on the island if you are patient and know what you're doing but it would be tough. The one surefire way to catch smallies in the dead of any winter is to..... O.K. this is going to seem like the most ridiculous idea but I think you guys have heard it all on this board so here goes. On the Columbia river there are hydroelectric dams, following so far? O.K. at these dams there is warm water discharge that heats the strecth of river behind it. A family friend of mine catches walleye and smallies all year as well as catfish that usually hibernate in the winter. Class is dismissed.

Bobber: The best place in Osoyoos (for Bass gear)USED to be Mitchell Sporting Goods, but they're not open anymore...something about the old man making too much money somewhere else...The NEXT best spot for Bass gear is at the HomeHardWare Store on the main street, about 1/2 block North of where Mitchell's WAS. Haven't shopped around Penticton much so I can't offer anything there! Of course, the best place around is the K-Mart in Bellingham....or Yeager's ($$$$$)! Travis: From what I've heard (pay attention BASSFREAK), this Albert Dick Lake (located in Albert Dick Park) is also know as....are you ready for this?....WAMSLEY LAKE! If these rumours are true, then there ARE Bass in there! I have also heard that the way to get to this place is via King Rd...go North till you hit ClearBrook Rd and you should be able to see it. Haven't gone there myself yet, but am planning to very soon. Yes, there ARE Bass in Mill Lake, people have caught them on bait (don't know about tackle), but I don't know WHERE specifically...word of warning: Catch 'em, take their picture, and throw them back - I wouldn't EAT anything out of there! *

All this info is great, but how bout int he future, all you guys who say, thing slike 'bass are probably great, but I've never fiushed them, I like western fish'. Whats this to do with bass talk, I saw something that said 1 bass a year in Hatzic? C'mon thats TERRIBLE bass fishing. -chris PS. And you can't really get bass tips from books, unlike salmon / trout / steelhead fishing, you can't learn as much from seminars. You need to know the lake and structure to catch bass, knowing the lake will make a HUGE difference. Overall you just need a 'bass sense'.

Don't that beat all? Only bass'in tip I got for ya Cris, is when you do snag on to one of those pruty little thangs ,you just make sure ya bonk it Reeeeel good, cause ya don't want them crawlen off an get'en in trouble some place else.

thanks all who helped out albert dick lake is near the airport but i don't know how to get to it by thr road names. I know that there are bass in chadsey lake on sumas mountian. What are some good flys for bass I mostly flyfish and am wondering wich are good flys to use. Is there any way to get to laxton and judson lakes i've heard that you can't get to them but that was a couple of years ago and was wondering if you can fish there they ae iled with bass.

Bass in CHADSEY Lake? Now THAT'S a new one on me! All I've ever seen up there is killer goldfish (3-4 lb's) and Salamanders...and LOTS of mosquitoes!!! The only way you can get to Laxton or Judson Lakes is to talk REEEEAAAAALLLLL nice to the landowners, or parachute in! Unless you know them, or they know you...you're out of luck. I spoke to one of them (can't remember WHICH lake it was) and he wasn't too keen on letting ANYBODY cross his land to get to the Lake. Can't say that I blame him though! When I mentioned (nicely) that he only owned the land up to the highwater mark, and NOT the lake...he just smiled. As far as Bass flies go (I haven't tried it ....YET), I would suggest some "poppers" or, if you are proficient at tying them yourself, some nice big fat Bass Bugs made of deer hair, and lots of coloured feathers. If you don't know how to tie...learn how! There aren't too many Stores in the area that sell decent Bass tackle, let alone Bass flies! Although I suppose you could get them to bite on some of those ugly, full-dressed salmon flies. You MIGHT also have to change your fly-line to a Bass Taper (which is basically the same as a double taper, only thicker) 'cuz them Bass flies can be horrid to cast, so I'm told! Can't help but notice how this conversation has gone....at first NOBODY wanted anything to do with Bass, and now, there's SOOOO many interested in it! That's great! Hmmmmm....maybe there IS a viable alternative here! *

I ty my own flys but havent realy tied bass flys that much but want to try to catch some bass on the fly. Do you know of any articles on flyfishing for bass on the net? Have you caught any goldfish in Chadsey lake? can you see them cruisin' around in the water? I've never been there before and was told there are bass in the lake from many people and want to go fish there because it is loaded with 'em. Is it hard o get down to chadsey lake? can you get in a tube there?

Travis the bass bug taper is the same line as S.A Head start line only twice as much $$ wt.F floating . You need the weight up front to turn over big flys. Double taper are for delicate casts. You can compare on the S.A site. The bass bug has just a little bit more rear taper,other wise there the same. Head start is a damb good line.

I believe they have information on FlyFishing for Bass. No, I haven't actually fished in Chadsey Lake but I have been there several times (although NOT in the last 5-6 years). If you don't know how to get there, you'll have to hike DOWN to the lake from the Parking lot. It's about 10 minutes (though the sign says 30 min), but coming BACK will take longer as you'll be coming UPHILL! It's a fairly steep hump so be prepared. I suppose you COULD get a belly boat in there, be be warned the lake is "rumoured" to be bottomless (if that's possible) and is full of deadheads and debris near the shorelines. Once you get to the dropoff...you'll know what I mean. The goldfish usually cruise around in the shallows and are fairly large, but I don't ever remember seeing or hearing about Bass up there....I think it would be too cold for Largemouth. Anyways, give it a try, that's what life's all about...if you don't have any luck, that'll be one for the books! *

Yes there are bass in the Columbia River thats why all around Creston in every slough backwater and mud puddle there are bass large and smallmouths, there are also countless tournaments amongst our "freinds" to the south. Can anyone substantiate the Chadsay Lake rumour because my ears perked when I heard? Is ther ANY possible way to get to Laxt or Juds WIHTOUT crossing private propert at all? By the way another good bet for bass tackle is the new wal-mart just over the border on the Guide Meridian. They have Wal-MArt brand bass tackel that is of surprisingly good Quality $2 for a pack of 20 worms any colour or size (my favorite lure in the world by the way and also the cheapest) Spinerbaits that are only 2-3$ Beats the 6-7-8$ spinnerbaits you find up here and are better quality. And Wal-Mart always has soome tackle on sale especially Bass gear in the winter. As far as flies go try big Leach patterns on sinking lines strip fast. Cast to the edge of weeds and other structure let it sink and strip fast. Try purple, wine red, and of course black.

Well Bassfreak, Like I said before, I have never heard of Bass in Chadsey Lake. I think maybe someone got a look at the monster Goldfish up there and ASSUMED that they were Bass. I have never seen or heard of Bass up there although, I suppose, there is a remote possibility. As for Laxton and Judson Lakes, you CAN access ONE of them (don't know which one exactly) from the Sumas side, I believe the road goes right to it (check the maps) but then again, you may need US licenses to fish from there, I'm not sure about fishing on Border waters. That kinda sux that you would have to drive 20 miles to get to a lake that you could spit into from here but I guess if that's the way the owners want it, there's not much we can do....Maybe ask the Provincial Gov't. to build an access road to it! Tell them it's a Salmon Enhancement Project, then it's SURE to fly! :) *

speaking of bass tackle,if you're at all 'handy' you might want to take a look at http://www.luremaking.com a Canadian company that sells lure making components. even some salmon spoons if you're into that.

Hey where did Mac go its been like three days! Mac I'm interested if you found that Walmsley Lake out in Abby yet?

Yo Bassfreak! I'm STILL here (they weren't gonna get rid of me THAT easily!) but haven't been out to Wamsley yet. I am heading out Abby-way on Friday and I am making a point of going THERE (to hell with Co$tco!) and I will give you the details, hopefully by Friday evening. Until then, I spend my time, watching this board for any interesting topics that might spring up! TTYL BASS RULE! *

Mac you might want to wait tell the water warms up a bit,read something that there not to hungry when the temps are down.5 guys out there last Fri. and no body even felt a touch.Very interesting place though

OK Terry, Thanks for the info. I wasn't going there with intent to fish, I just wanna scope the place out a bit. From what I hear, she's DEEEEEEEP! I don't suppose it will be ready to fish (productively) for at LEAST another month. Till then, I want to see what I'm up against, get a feel for the place....you know...

Most of the last 3 Bass conversations had something to do with Wamsley Lake! Oh well, if you hadn't noticed, I'll try to bring you up to speed: According to the stories I've been told, Wamsley Lake is an old gravel pit in the Abbotsford area. I hear that some people use it for water-skiing practice. I ALSO hear that there are BASS in this lake. Now I can't say that all (or ANY) of these claims are true 'cuz I've never heard of it either, although I have lived in the area since 1970... However, just because I haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, right? I hope to shed a bit of light on some of these rumours on Friday (when I take my weekly trip into Abby) and if you're interested, watch the conversation for further information. That's all I can tell you for now...anything more would just be speculation! *

Like many of you out there, I am mainly into the freshwater salmon, steelhead and trout fishing and don’t fish for bass. However, once a year I do something that I would say is quite similar. Every July my cousin and I make a trip to Salt Spring Island. After the fairy to the island, we drive across to the other side of the island to a provincial campsite. The ocean shore on this side of the island has a series of deep drop off points, with shallow bays. We take a dawn to dusk hike, fishing from practically one end of the island to the other...well not quite the whole length of the island. We fish the deep points with relatively heavy jigs to deal with the tidal current, and catch Rock Cod after Rock Cod. Without exaggerating we catch up to a 100 fish each on a days fishing. On some of the shallower points we mix it up by fishing with Rattlin' Rapala's and this also works for the Rock Cod. However they are usually smaller then the ones caught on the deep drop off's with jigs. The fish are not huge as far as Rock Cods go, but we get them on average between 12 and 18 inches. Although I have never caught a large mouth bass, I think they are very similar. Of course they both sport the large mouth, and both tug pound for pound way harder than any freshwater fish I have hooked. Also much like bass fishing, often you have to put up with under water structure. Kelp beds surround many of the deep points, and this is where you will find most of your large Rock Cod. If you get tangled in kelp your not getting out. Also if you give them to much slack they will tuck in the rocks. One trick I have found to work though is if you have a fish on that gets into the weeds or kelp, just let your line go slack and often they swim away from the structure, untangling itself allowing you to real in the fish. Being a trout and salmon fisherman its nice to have the opportunity to lip a fish once in a while. Although they don’t have sharp teeth, by the end of the day your thumb will be like sandpaper from the Cod's raspy mouth (if you have a good day). To add even more diversity to the trip we often make a few casts into the shallow bays. On the sandy shallow bays you can often site fish for bullheads and greenling up to 14 inches. They don’t fight like the rock cod but it is still very enjoyable to site fish no matter how large the fish. In these bays we usually use fairly large crocs. Last year we took a bunch of pictures of some of the larger Rock Cod and Greenling we caught before releasing them. Then on our way back we stopped to fish this point for a while. I left my fishing bag containing the camera too close to the water and tide slowly got to the bag, ruining the camera and film :-( but we still had a blast. We usually get by using just 8lb Maxima. I know a couple years ago I was using 8lb Maxima and my cousin was using 15lb test of some other brand. I out fished him 3-1. I have been told that rock cod are not picky and that they would take jigs attached to ropes. But that sure didn’t seam to be the case. We get all our "bass gear" from the hardware store on the island. Where I live in Abbotsford, we don’t have much selection of jig heads and jig bodies. There are also two lakes on this island that are supposed to have good bass fishing, as well as some large cutthroat.

Youre tellin' me that you go to Saltspring and not fish for Bass? How dare you! Just kiddin' Mike thats some good info. I've been to saltpring a half dozen times or so to primarily fish for bass and soak up some Island ambience its a great place to bring the other half where we can both have fun. On the weekends in the spring and summer they have craft fairs and bands and whatnot in the town square. But anyway the two lakes you are refering to are St.MAry's and Cusheon although some of the other smaller lakes on the island have bass as well. I've often meant to throw my bass jigs into the ocean to catch some dinner but never could pull myself off the lake. How is the crabbing around there anyways?

Mike, Jerkin' for Cod in the Chuck is a LOT like Bass fishing! We also make a trip to the Island once a year and have a real gas catching the "Sea Bass" (as I call them), even the kids can do well. We usually go to Denman/Hornby Islands and there is a nice spot near Eagle Rock to fish right from shore...good and deep! You have probably noticed the nice spines on these Rock Cod, well freshwater Bass have them too! In fact, when it comes to filleting a Bass, I use the same technique as with Rock Cod. We spent one evening near the lighthouse on Chrome Island, fishing from the boat. I used my everyday UGLY STIK, Mitchell reel, 15 lb test and a 3/8 oz. Crocodile. I would just cast it out as far as I could and let it flutter slowly to the bottom. I would usually get a hit before it made it all the way down...and I was catching everything that night: Cod, Kelp Greenlings, Ling, Salmon (which I promptly released), and the occassional DogFish. You CAN use the same type of bait on freshwater Bass, but on a smaller scale (I have caught some real nice Cod on a Jig and Rubber worm combo) and a "bit" more finesse, other than that, you're fishing for "cousins" anyway...so what's good for one is good for the other! *

I hear yah Mac, that’s the excitement of the ocean, you never know what you’re going to real up next. Even the bottom structure you get snagged on is exciting....star fish, sea cucumbers, etc. hehe...One question Mac, can the spines on the rock cod injure you? I mean do they inject anything? Long time ago I was told that they did, so I have always been careful while handling them. Oh and bassfreak, its funny that you mention crabs. Last time out we caught two crabs while jigging. They were decent sized too, I believe they were keepers although I released them because I don’t know the regulations regarding crabs. Both were hooked on one of their claws. At first I thought that we must have just snagged them off the bottom. But later that day during low tide, we saw a crab about 15 feet down and he was about 8 inches wide across his back. To test our theory I plunked my jig about 5-10 feet in front of him, and he went flying across the ocean floor towards my jig. I lifted my jig before you was able to get to it, so I didn’t have to try and get the hook out of its claw. I didn't want to injure it in anyway. Last time I was there I saw one group with a crab trap set up out from their camping spot. We didn’t see it come in (gone fishing) so I don’t know how they made out.

the spines on Rock Fish can injure a person,if they're at all susceptible to Anaphylactic Shock,the kind you get from,say,bee stings & the like;they can be serious for those types of people. for the rest of us the poison that ends up in the (puncture) wound leaves the hand feeling stiff & swollen for a day or so. since we're on the subject i've used bass gear in the chuck for years,principally but not exclusively for Black Rock Fish aka 'black bass',for my money the 'sportiest' ones. i'll never forget the look on the face of the Fishmaster at the Charlotte Princess up at Langara Island when i asked him if he'd seen any BB schools around,i wanted to target some,he looked dumbfounded! now of course lots of people bring along a light outfit for a change of pace,but in those days('89,'90,'91) what i was doing was considered almost sacreligious,you were supposed to focus on the Holy Salmon,some didn't even stoop to Halibut. how time changes things!

That's right RodBender! How times have changed indeed! With all the rules, regulations, special permits and such, I have completely lost interest in Salmon fishing. If I happen to catch one while Cod-fishin' well, so be it....fly away little Salmon!...Go find someone who can appreciate you. :) As for the Cod spines, even if you are not succeptible to anaphylactic shock, those things can leave your hand swollen pretty bad! I got stung by a Dog Fish last year and although it was only a brief "tap", my hand was swollen and numb for at least a day. However...I have been told (by a person who knows about these things) that if you happen to catch this creature and it stings you, the fluid that is found in their eyes (that's right...poke their eye out and use the goo on the inside!) is nature's antidote! There's a useful piece of trivia for you! I haven't had the chance to try it myself...the dogfish that nailed me...got away! Note that you cannot (supposedly) use shark's eye-goo for a Cod fish sting and vice-versa. Must be a genetic thing! *

some types of poison are treated with heat,the heat causes the poison to break down,icing the wound does the opposite and can be quite serious,esp. with stingray wounds. one way to instantly apply heat to a stingray wound is to urinate on it-i'm not joking! beats wating for the kettle to boil! as to dogfish,a buddy of mine carries the scar from one on his arm to this day,they're not joking either.

Okay, I'll draw a line in the sand, once and for all. I will not fish for anything uglier than me. That's it. Who's with me ? (Mac's latest post reminds me of that old joke about the guy who got snake-bit on the male member ... his friend went for help and was told that the only hope was to suck the poison out ... the punchline ? "The doctor says you're gonna die.")

Anyways MAc or anybody else, have you ever fished for smallies on the Island at this time of year I have fished in the early spring but never this early. I have to go to Victoria this weekend and i'm gonna bring my rod. I know to concentrate on deep structure but any other tips would be much appreciated. By the way i'm probably stuck to shore, there is no way I'm paying for overlength, might bring the old bellyboat.... I'll try not to stir up any bottom.

Hey Mac you said Wamsley lake is a old gravel pit is it also called Albert Dick lake, by the airport because it is also used for water skiing. If not the same lake where is Whamsley lake?

Well Travis, I said that I thought the two were the same, but I could be wrong! It wouldn't be the first time that one lake got two different names, would it? Look at Knouff Lake (Sullivan), Chadsey (Lost) Lake, I'm sure there are more but I can't think of any at this time! *

Spider Lake-anyone been there? it looks attractive because it doesn't have a FREEWAY running along one side;just wondering.

Well Rodbander I can't help you yet but this may I am going to the island to fish many of the smallmouth lakes arounf the southern island. I am doing thios to generate once and for all what are THEE PRemeier lakes for smallies. I will fish extensively ELK/Beaver, Spider, Thetis,Glen,and LAngford over one weeks time. Iwill then post my findings. I am doing this so I won't have to rely an several diferent magazines books and hearsay to plan my future trips. I will sink or swim myself. I am very tired of conflicting reports and look forward to documenting all of my findings. As well I find it easier to learn from myself than from most BCers that don't know a lick about bass fishing. I get (well meaners) tellin me to try roe or worms on bobbers. Not for me sorry.

Ok...so we FINALLY made it to Abbotsford today! After 12 hours in the ?@%#$@ malls, I took a drive down to where I thought this WALMSLEY lake was...and I FOUND IT! However, my joy was soon short-lived for the following reasons: a) Although it SEEMS to me that this "lake" could hold Bass, I would be extremely cautious about eating anything that came out of there! It looks basically to be nothing more than another "Mill Lake". Anybody in the area knows what I mean! b) This place seems to be VERY popular with the kids (broken bottles, condoms, and other assorted junk EVERYWHERE), so I would be REALLY uptight about leaving my vehicle unattended. All you younger kids can flame me for that one but, hey! I just calls it as I see it! c) The "lake" is FULL of Goose $hit...it's everywhere! Goose $hit and golf balls! What a combination! In short, this turned out to be a MAJOR disappointment for me. When I heard "Bass", my eyes glazed over and I temporarily lost all sense of reason. Logic SHOULD have told me NOT to expect too much from an inner-city lake, but I was smitten, nonetheless. For those of you who want to know where it is, follow these directions: Head SOUTH on Clearbrook Rd...right across the Highway. Road swings to the left and then back to the right around a small butte...STAY on ClearBrook Rd. Continue SOUTH for about a block till you come to WALMSLEY ave...turn right. About 2-3 blocks down, there is Albert Dyck Park on the right...turn in...there you are! *

Goose droppings and bass go hand-in-hand. I'm not sure if geese are attracted to bass, or bass are attracted to goose stuff, but if you've ever fished off the rowing docks at Elk Lake in Victoria, you'll know what I mean. But I guess that's the life of a bass fisherman :) While you were tip-toeing through goose discards, I was on the Kettle River hunting for whitefish, knee-deep in snow and wondering how it's possible for mother nature to create a place so beautiful, out of rocks and dirt. (Before you ask, the fishing was "slow". The locals said we were just a bit too early. Of course, locals always say that.) Speaking of which ... anyone have any experiences on the Kettle or West Kettle that they'd care to share ? I'll definitely be going back.

Sound like the type of place that could be inhanced and made into a bass lake.

anytime i've been near the Kettle or it's tribs it's been midsummer-not enough water-too bad some nice country;walleye in places,however no bass.

Well, it seems to me that Walmsley Lake could be enhanced by making it inaccessible to the general population (people are such pigs!). I don't think I'll be going THERE to do any Bass fishin'...I would probably have better luck in Cultus Lake! Speaking of which...anybody here entering the annual Coarse-Fish Derby? *

seen the new Cabela's catalogue? seen the PRICES for those 'real image' crankbaits? how about $24.79,US FUNDS!unbelievable!! that's about C$40!-i have Marlin lures that cost less!! looks like Cabela's is really cutting back on the fishing tackle biz,the section on tackle is quite slim compared to everything else.

Try the BassPro Shops instead, they are more geared towards tackle anyway. I always thought that Cabela's was overpriced. http://www.basspro.com/ *

I was down in bellingham on sunday and loaded up on some bass gear. Like I said in prior postings, the Waslmart brand 'FLW' models were there and lots of them were on the clearance rack. I bought 8 deep diver and 4 jerk/stickbaits they were alll priced between 1.75-3.00 US$. A good deal considering deep diving cranks up here cost $6-$10 Have you guys seen those "Risto Raps" $9-$11/ Good Grief! ZGranted they are af seemingly better quality, on any given day my $2 "no-Name" crankbait will catch just as many. Needless to say I am a sucker and probably have two-dozen rapalas in my box now. What is it about bass gear more than any other type of gear that makes you want to have every possible colour and size combination of every type of lure! I just get succkered to the highest degree.

I'm like that when it comes to worms. My wife is always giving me hell for coming home from the bait cooler, loaded down with all the latest in dews, wigglers, and the like. She says I could just go into the backyard and pull something yucky out of the ground.

speaking of worms,i was looking thru my river salmon tackle,which i use infrequently,and i thought of something. i could use a spin 'n glo as topwater bait,with a pink worm as a trailer,putting two snelled hooks in the worm. something like a 'worm harness' they use for walleye,but buzzed across the surface,fast or slow,whatever works.

Whatever happened to SINGLE BARBLESS hooks?

You need single barbless for BASS ? Kripes, I thought you were allowed to take those things with a net (or a club, dynamite, forked stick) What will they think of next ...

Anyways you could try that spin-glo idea but it has been my experience that pink or orange are thee worst coloours for bass but the idea itself is a decent one but isn't the spinglo to light to cast? By the way MAc do you actually take the trebles off of your cranks and rapalas? I see very few people that do, good for you ...I think.

thanks for the tip about worm colours,i do have darker colours,real bass worms,which i don't have the patience to fish properly. yes,i imagine it will be an experience to cast,but since i usually have 4 or 5 rods with me in the boat i can always rig one up and use it when conditions are ideal;i don't see using the thing a lot,more as a diversion than anything else. as to trebles on crankbaits,myself i flatten all my barbs,don't see that i've lost any fish as a result.

its too bad that not many of us northwest bassers don't know how to fish a worm properly , as for me that is my top bait. The americans have used plastic worms since the seventies and although it may seem like nobody uses plastic worms anymore down there its because those TV shows get paid to hawk the more expensive crank and spinner baits, you see there is less money to be made selling plastics. i can fish an entire weekend on St.mary's catch 100 fish on one package of purple or red shad coloured 4 inch worms. I rig the worm on a long shank barbless worm hook with a 1/8 worm weight that I do not peg down. I rig the worm Texas style with the hook inside the worm to make it weedless. Anywhere there is shoreline cover rocks or anything I throw to it a nd get one. You see smallmouths aren't As into large loud fastmoving baits that largies are so if you must use hardware try to downsize. try the mini-spinnerbaits. My other favorite are the 4inch rapala stick minnows in basic grey and black. But back to the worm fishing, the KEY is to let the worm get to the bottom and just shake your rod tip in four or five inch flicks keeping the rod at about 1 or 2 o'clock always. You will feel a lite tick or just feel like you reeled into a rock or log. Keep tension on the line reel down to about the 33 oclock position and set the hook HARD its not like fishing a crak bait where you are reeling in and the speed of your retrieve will set the hook, you have to nail'em.

That's right BassFreak...when I'm fishing the Rivers I ALWAYS remove my treble hooks and go to a large Siwash-type of single hook (crushing down the barb of course!). That way I can turn the hook upwards and make it semi-weedless, or turn it downwards for a real positive hookset! I can't believe how much gear I find, when walking the Vedder/Chwk river, that is either treble-hooked or barbed hook! Can't these people READ? Have you tried them GitZits yet? I just LOVE those things! My BEST results are with a Smoke coloured "salt 'n pepper" type. My favourite way of fishing them is to get a monster-sized worm hook, and glue/tie/wrap some styrofoam or cork to the shank. This makes the hook "slightly" buoyant. Then I'll slide a nice fat GitZit over the whole thing and attach it to about a 12 - 18" leader, and a swivel on the end. Onto my Main line I will slide a 3/8 oz. bullet weight (the football shaped ones, NOT the worm weights) and tie the swivel to the main line. You can peg the sinker near the swivel with a toothpick if you like, but I prefer to leave it loose, so that as the Gitzit floats, it will take some slack line with it...just in case you toss it into some tall weeds, let the line go slack and Mr. Gitzit will slowly rise above the weed bed...it is SO COOL to watch! Almost like having a miniature remote-control submarine! *

There was someone that posted awile back saying. They fish the Vedder using only gear they find along the river. This sounds sportsmen like.

Well, as long as it's barbless gear they're finding , that's great! I could fill my reel, several times over, with all the line that I find just LYING around waiting to rot (10-20 yrs!). I said it before, and dammit...I'll say it again: How can people be such PIGS!? Don't they realize that they're ruining their own hobby? I don't care a whole lot for salmon (I think THAT'S pretty obvious) but getting tangled up in some idiot's leftover line is an awful way for anything to die! Pick up after yourselves people!!! *

First I've heard of Kawkawa for Bass... was just getting ready to try it out for Kokanee... go figure?! Forgive me if I am not online again for some time... I'll be too busy walking the walk...

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