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Largemouth Bass Fever!!!!

I wanted to know if anyone has been out to there favorite bass holes yet and if it has picked up yet.(the spawn)?? I am planning a trip to the kootneys for May long weekened. Any info from out there greatly appreciated. Check the largemouth out on my profile. It is about 2 1/2 - 3 lb's but I caught it at Lake Casitas california this March. I caught 5 that day and will post another one later. The fish are alot lighter in color and these ones are the Florida strain which are supposedly harder to catch. Hope to hear some info on some lakes out east..........Lates , Ben

Bass?? Isn"t that a coarse fish.

My guess would be that you have never fished for them or have never watched an American TV show with largemouth bass being caught. You would have to try fishing for them sometime! They are a great sport fish to catch and there is nothing like throwing a topwater buzzbait, frog , rapala or popper( fly rod) and seeing an explosion on the surface of the water as a largemouth of any size inhales your bait. It is quite the experience and everyone should try it............

I have fished for bass befor i have caught them on light gear(8 pound test main line 5 foot rod small jig ect..) and i have caught them on the fly. whats the big deal about em I got more fisht outta the brookies and squwa fish in the lake Im glad that you lik em and all but WHY????
ahhh never mind this i geuss like my non fishing friends asking why i fish so much!

Bass can also be caught with a cut-plug and a down rigger!
You have to go deep, though...about 200 feet, and if you hook one, it'll fight you for about an hour!

doc do you fish for bass with a hookless fly too or do you tie a worm to your leader??
lol J/k

Hey brad he fishes with a fake frog and you fish with the immortalized frog flatfish!!!!! Hmmmmmm, there's an idea maybe you should try fishing for rainbows with your downrigger a number 1/0 hook and a frog gobbed onto it. Do you think it would work??????? Big dollies, big. Better not start fishing for bass, if you ever tasted one you'd probably be hooked and keep your 300 or so a year to feed yourself and the greater Vancouver area.

Trout rule do i chirony fish not much do i catch a hell of a lot of bows yes why catch a stikey little 5 pound bass on 20# test line and have it put up a massive fight while you reef on the thing so hard it jumps when you can fly fish the columbia river you can whip out a hopper pattern and have a 7# bow thumping on the end of your line with your reel screeming try it you will see what it's like to catch a reel fish

I came to this site to talk about fishing for largemouths and asking a few questions. Then certain individuals jump on the band wagon and start arguing over bassfishing. I guess I touched a tender spot in some individuals. OOPS! I enjoy fishing for a variety of species. So why don't we argue until we are black and blue

I am from Alberta and when I went to B.C. there is nothing that I wanted to do more than catch a Bass. Trout are the same old thing every time, but the chance to experience something new was great. Why can't people fish for whatever they want. And if I may ask, are you sure they use 20-40lb test for Bass. From what I know it is more like 10-12lb. I thought the 20-40 sounded a bit expanded. Fishing is fishing. I say it doesn't matter what the fish is. They are all unique, thats why I try to catch them all. Change is good.

In Carl Bruhn's book (BC Lake Fishing ) he mentions carp as an "extremely wily opponent and can be many times more difficult to fool than the much - vaunted trout".ahhh donknow! anyone caught a carp lately??

Carp are very elusive fish. Elusive in that they are probably one of the most aware fish out there that I've seen. They often spook fairly easy and can smell you if you're in the water. For instance, we used to fish corn out of a can (sweet corn) on sharp gamakatsu hooks, we tried small, we tried big hooks, at burnaby lake, on a sliding weight system. You cast out and let it sit on the bottom and hope the fish, which are bottom feeders in some instances, to pick it up and inhale it. You would lay your rod over a Y twig which is stuck in the ground, sit back with a coldie and wait. About 5 or 10 minutes later, after spotting some swirls by the fins of the Carp as it's head goes to the bottom to feed and it's tail kicks up, you'll see your rod tip Jitter very noticeably, you'll go to pick it up and set it, and nothing. You reel in, only to find your corn Gone, completely off the hook. The Suckers actually stole the corn right off the hook. This method was the most effective a buddy of mine and I could come up with, he has hooked fish using this method, so they are definately taking the "bait," so to speak, but often times they can elude the hook and still take it. Hell, we even tried sliding it up the line, in various positions, we tried just saturating the hook with the corn, and often times the fish will suck it right off. And watch out, when you hit one, you're in for a fight. A 7 pounder fights like a 15 pound Chum on roids. They are a very game fish and they require your devote attention when fishin for them, as much as you're tempted to do other things while you sit and wait.

Carl Bruhn is indeed right.

I mainly flyfish for trout, but enjoy mixing it up with the odd bass fishin' trip. I don't think I would only bass fish, but it is a nice break in the routine. I don't use 40# line, but I might be tempted to if there was $100,000.00+ on the line, 10-12# is MORE than enough for the bass where I catch them (south Okanagan mostly) not alot of heavy weed cover to worry about, milfoil isn't terribly strong if they do head in there. If people want to fish for one type of fish all the time more power to them. Me I like to mix it up a little.
PS: I sure don't want bass or any other type of fish illegally introduced to some of my favourite trout waters.

hey guys,there ain't nothing wrong with BASS. they taste pretty good when done in bread crumbs and lemon juice.You think bass fight hard or carp, go back east and try fishing MUSKIE or PIKE. you'll have a fight on your hands like you've never had in your fishing for trout.

Oh! by the way, they get alot bigger than trout too.

Mike have yuo ever heard of the gerrard strian of rainbows you know the ones tipping the scales at 50# in kootney lake i wonder what is bigger

Pike recorded in Europe to 90 lb I think. Also carp to over 70lb. People in Europe spend a week stalking 1 big fish. Carp fishing can be an art-form to some. Different strokes eh? Sadly carp not known to be attracted to downrigged herring or chovy. They do, however, like SPAM. Altogether now,SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM.....

Pike fight hard for 30 secs then give up, and you'll rarely see a pike jump, much less pull any line.I've caught tons of Pike, and I'll take a Kamploops 'Bow any day.

I've experienced the exact opposite! I've caught Pike up north and had some unreal jumping and runs, total screamers. Matt were you catching them on a fly rod or a bait chucker set-up? Can you imagine sight fish a 4 ft. long piece of alligator? Awesome fishing. Anyways, I'd rather go fish for Pike than those fraser valley trout. Talk about fish that don't fight and never jump. I've always heard that carp were some of the toughest critters to catch and that carp fishing was the rage before in G.B. There's probably a reason for that. Really, Gerrards tipping the scales @ 50 lbs.????? Find that a wee bit hard to believe.

My grandpa alwys lets me know when he hears of a big bow outta kootney lake he fishes it quite a bit (mostly for kokanee) but we went in his regular tackle shop and they said a guy had one on display in his deep freeze at 47# I had a hit out there i had a quick tap tap then WHAM! that was the end of that set up as it busted off my main line scared the hell out of me

Jesse, I grew up on the prairies, so we always fished a grinder and a 6'6. Don't get me wrong, I love Pike(we call them Jack), but on a terminal setup they are'nt much fun. On a fly rod would be a whole different thing though...next time I go home I'll bring the 9wt. and pound the weeds. The lake I grew up fishing, Last Mountain Lake(Sask.), had a 72# Jack netted by the Natives a few years back, try landing that on the 5wt!

I've caught fish that make most peoples heads spin...giant tuna, sailfish and striped marlin on flies, dorado, roosters, giant travallys that at three pounds would pull a 20lb salmon backwards, but I just spent four days smallmouth fishing on Van. Isle and had a great time...nobody there...no crowds...no dorks anchoring too close...and constant action dawn to dusk...surface takes all afternoon and unlimited areas to fish...how many three inch trout attack a four inch husky jerk rapala? or 5" strip leech? not many...

Oh, and as for carp? next time you are around the great trout Guru Brian Chan, ask him about Carp and a flyrod...most people critisize Bass or Carp because they are ignorant of the blast they are missing out on...or really insecure of there angling abilities. A truly great angler is a diverse angler, not somebody who can floss a hundred sockeyes all day long and beat his chest about it.

Actually I have seen more and more people fishing bass, Skaha didn't see any significant fishing for years, now that there are some large smallmouth in it you'll find 5-10 boats out when the bite is on, Vaseaux and Osoyoos lakes are seeing some decent angling pressure too. Mill lake in Abbotsford is usually busy and not everybody is going after the trout(boots in the case of the brood stock). St. Marys on Saltspring and a dozen different lakes on Van. Island get written up in various magazines every year. Not to mention the selection of bass gear expanding exponentially in most of the tackle shops, most shops don't put too much stuff on the shelves that doesn't move.

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