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Date: 30/03/2007
Review: Islander MR3 Reels
Supplier: Islander Precision Reels
The Islander MR3 is the latest entry into the premier salmon mooching reel field in the world today. It is the result of years of research and development based on input from dealers, guides and pro-staff. Single action reels have long been the choice of most experienced guides and premier lodges on the west coast of British Columbia. Throughout its history, Islander has gained a reputation for longevity and reliability across the fishing community.

Continuing in the Islander tradition of the single action reel, the MR3 utilizes Islanders impressive, silky smooth drag system. drag is supplied by a large 3-inch clutch, which uses a double pawl system for positive clutch lock up. The drag is adjusted from the spool side, hence the nickname “knuckle buster”, which happens if the anglers are not quick enough moving their hands when the fish makes a run for freedom. The large sculptured drag knob makes for comfortable use under all conditions. A wide range of drag adjustment allows the angler to choose just the right amount of pressure to subdue even the most ambitious finned adversary.

Incorporated into the reel are three large, fully sealed, stainless steel ball bearings. The MR3 incorporates a large arbor spool for quicker line pick up, this also eliminates the need for the use of backing as a filler. Oversized handles are very user friendly and there are also flat, paddle style handles available as an option.

The MR3 is easily converted to either left or right hand retrieve.

There is no free spool lever on the MR3.
There is no anti-reverse model available.

All islander reels are made with the finest materials available and are fully anodized for use in salt water.

The MR3 reels are available in signature islander gold, classic black with gold accents or the new “electric blue” with silver accents.
A limited number of reels from each run will be available with a solid frame, otherwise all frames will be drilled ( ported).

Capacity is 350 plus yards of 30lb. test monofilament.

For more information please visit our site:

Islander Precision Reels www.islander.com
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