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Date: 11/05/2007
Review: Procaster® Rojo Baitcaster
Supplier: Daiwa

CERRITOS, Calif., Jan. 2, 2007 – Daiwa’s new ProCaster® Rojo baitcaster, equipped with advanced features you’d expect to find only on higher-priced reels, is a value-packed, fish-catching machine.
The Procaster Rojo’s stylish, yet rugged, one-piece aluminum frame protects eight ball bearings and a roller bearing that work together to ensure smooth, reliable performance. Bass anglers will also appreciate the convenient Flipping Lever, which allows instant re-engagement of the clutch with a touch of the thumb. For long, accurate, trouble-free casts, the Procaster Rojo boasts a free-foating, lightweight, perforated spool, plus Daiwa’s exclusive Magforce® anti-backlash control. After you’ve put your bait or lure right on the spot, the Procaster Rojo’s 6.3:1 gear will provide you with the perfect combination of retrieve speed and fish-fighting power.

Bass fishermen will also appreciate this reel’s convenient flipping lever, which allows instant re-engagement of the clutch with a touch of the thumb. Another unique Procaster Rojo feature designed with angler convenience in mind is the frame’s “pop-up” hood for easy line threading and access. Additional features include infinite anti-reverse and a cut-proof, Titanium Nitride-coated line aperture.
In addition to the right-hand cranking Procaster Rojo PRR100H, Daiwa offers a PRR100HL model with left-hand retrieve. Both models have an MSRP of $89.95.

To obtain Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-802-9589 or e-mail inquires to: info@daiwa.com.

Daiwa www.daiwa.com
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