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Date: 08/11/2007
Review: Daiwa Samurai Braid Line
Supplier: Daiwa



CERRITOS, Calif., Nov. 8, 2007 – Not all braided lines are created equal. Daiwa’s new Samurai Braid offers distinct performance advantages that will help you cast farther, detect the slightest of bites, and catch more fish.

While both freshwater and saltwater anglers will appreciate the combined strength and sensitivity of this unique eight-strand weave braid, they will also marvel at its super thin diameter, smoothness, softness and flexibility. The unique qualities of Samurai Braid work together to ensure greater castability, less line noise on the retrieve, and a faster sink rate due to reduced current resistance. In addition to enabling long, trouble-free casts and allowing you to get your bait or lure in the strike-zone quickly, Samurai Braid has virtually zero stretch. That means you’ll be able to sense the most subtle hits or pick-ups and set the hook with authority – even at greater depths.

Daiwa’s Samurai Braid is available in pound-tests ranging from 15 to 150, to suit a wide range of fishing situations and requirements. Anglers can choose from 150-yard, 300-yard and 1500-yard filler spools according to their specific needs. Prices for 150-yard spools of Samurai Braided line vary from $24.95 to $39.95, depending upon the pound test. The 300-yard spools have MSRPs of $45.95 to $72.95, while larger (1,500-yard) bulk spools range from $204.95 to $359.95 (MSRP).

For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-802-9589 or E-mail inquiries to: info@daiwa.com.

Daiwa www.daiwa.com
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