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Date: 07/02/2008
Review: Berkley® Trilene® Big Game Fluorocarbon Leaders
Supplier: Berkley Trilene
Convenient To Use, Exceptional Leader Material

Monofilament leaders for off shore needs have been the norm for decades but now there is a fluorocarbon leader that lives up the demands of these big game anglers. Berkleys Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon leaders convey an invisible line to the bait. And while other fluorocarbon and monofilament materials transmit sunlight through the line emitting sparkles and flash beneath the surface, the Aqua Blue Tint eliminates this fish spooking characteristic. Big Game Fluorocarbon also delivers the durability and crimp strength necessary to keep the angler and the fish in battle until the fight is won. Available in wrist spools and coils to always be at the ready for ease of use.

Trilene Big Game Fluorocarbon Leaders
Berkley® Fishing Lines
Primary Species: Saltwater Multi-species
Pound Tests: 10 to 400
Spool Sizes: 25-yard wrist spools (10 to 80-pound test)
35-yard coil in cloth bag (100 to 400-pound test)
Colors: Aqua Blue Tint
Features: Maximum Invisibility, Super Crimp Strength and Durability
Suggested Price: $8.99 to $105.99

Berkley Trilene www.berkley-fishing.com
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