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Date: 15/09/2008
Review: DAIWA Zillion
Supplier: Daiwa
Source: Daiwa

Introduction of Unique, Hyper-Speed Reels Marks Daiwa’s 50th Anniversary

CERRITOS, Calif., Sept. 8, 2008 – In 1987, Daiwa was the first tackle manufacturer to introduce a reel with a blazing fast 7.1:1 gear ratio – a benchmark that competitors were unable to match for nearly two decades. Now, in recognition of the company’s 50th anniversary, Daiwa is taking this concept a step further by unveiling a new Special Edition Hyper-Speed TD Zillion™ with 7.3:1 retrieve – the world’s fastest compact baitcaster.

Capable of cranking in an amazing 32 inches of line with a single turn of the handle, the new Hyper-Speed TDZLN100SHSA and mirror-image, left-hand winding TDZLN100SHSLA allow anglers to rip lures back to the boat faster than ever before. That means covering large areas of water in a hurry, finding the fish quickly, and putting more bass in the livewell.

Unmatched speed is just part of the package, however. These unique gleaming red reels – each engraved and serial numbered – offer a long list of advanced user features. Both the TDZLN100SHSA and TDZLN100SHSLA boast a rigid aluminum frame and handle-side sideplate for maximimum strength and durability. This rugged housing protects eleven corrosion-resistant CRBB ball bearings, plus a roller bearing, for ultra-smooth, reliable performance under all conditions.

Oversized, high-strength bronze gears mesh together perfectly and supply plenty of power for overtaking big, stubborn challengers. Cranking stability and ease is enhanced by Daiwa’s Swept Handle design, which moves the paddles closer to the rod’s centerline for less wobble, a better feel and greater winding leverage.

Like all TD Zillion reels, the Hyper-Speed Limited Edition models are superior casting machines. The free-floating, perforated aluminum spool starts up fast and spins longer, working in combination with Daiwa’s exclusive Magforce®-Z automatic anti-backlash control to deliver long, trouble-free casts. When you hook up, count on the TD Zillion’s super consistent eight-disc wet drag to perform flawlessly. Precision-click adjustment lets you select just the right amount of fish-stopping pressure.

Additional features include: easy sideplate removal for quick spool changes; aluminum guard plate on top of the reel for finish protection; and Soft Touch handle grips for a comfortable, secure hold.

Both the TDZLN100SHSA and TDZLN100SHSLA have an MSRP of $299.95. These reels match up perfectly with Daiwa’s new TD Zillion rods to form state-of-the-art bass fishing combos.

Daiwa www.daiwa.com
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