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Date: 13/08/2009
Review: Pinnacle Fishing's Scion Select
Supplier: Pinnacle Fishing
Source: Pinnacle



TUSTIN, Calif., Aug. 5, 2009 – Anglers in search of an advanced baitcaster offering a blazing fast 7:1 retrieve, superior castability and the power to overtake powerful adversaries will find what they’re looking for in Pinnacle® Fishing’s new Scion Select™ X.

With its ultra high speed gear ratio, Scion Select X lets you cover large areas of water quickly and pick up slack line in a flash. Protected by the Scion Select’s rugged metal frame and gear side cover are 9 stainless steel ball bearings, plus a roller bearing, for unsurpassed smoothness and reliability under all conditions. Long, trouble-free casts are ensured by a free-spinning, double anodized aluminum spool and Pinnacle’s Tandem Cast Control system. Tandem Cast incorporates an automatic centrifugal brake at the beginning of the cast and an adjustable magnetic brake throughout the cast to help prevent backlash. Incredible fish-fighting power is also part of the package, thanks to oversized, high-precision machine-cut brass gearing. When you hook up, count on Pinnacle’s multi-stack drag washers to provide the smooth, consistent pressure needed to put the brakes on determined game fish.

Additional Scion Select X features include: Unlimited Anti-Reverse™ for bone-jarring hook-sets, a Titanium Shielded Line Guide and a Quick-Access Removable Side Plate. Pinnacle Fishing’s Scion Select X has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.99.

Pinnacle Fishing www.pinnaclefishing.com
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