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Date: 20/10/2009
Review: Shimano Baitrunner
Supplier: Shimano
Source: Shimano

IRVINE, Calif. — ICAST SHOW INTRO – New for ‘09/‘10 -- In what has been the ‘go to’ reel for live bait fishing situations, Shimano’s BaitRunner spinning reels have been used with much success for more than 20 years by guides and anglers worldwide. While keeping its secondary drag system to allow baits to swim free with the bail closed, Shimano launches an entire new line of BaitRunner (BTR) reels, featuring new spinning reel technology and a modern, compact design. The series offers reels in four sizes for both freshwater and saltwater use, including the BTR4000D, 6000D, 8000D and 12000D. Going back to 1986 when Shimano offered its patented BaitRunner feature on the Triton SeaSpin reels – later taking on BaitRunner name in 1989, “we’ve made very little changes to these reels since then,” said Jeremy Sweet, reel product manager for Shimano. “But as anglers know, we’ve made tremendous advances in spinning reel technology over those years – our Propulsion Line Management System, Fluidrive II gearing, Super Stopper anti-reverse to name a few. We’ve incorporated these and more in the new BaitRunner D reels, plus increased the adjustability of the BaitRunner secondary drag system.”

Proven on other Shimano spinning reels, each BaitRunner D reel features Varispeed oscillation for better line lay, SR one-piece bail wire, a cold-forged aluminum spool, a graphite frames and sideplate, Dartanium II drag washers and three shielded A-RB (anti-rust) ball bearings. “We go further with our S Concept design features, including S-Rotor, S-Arm Cam, a direct-drive mechanism with thread-in handle attachment, oversized Septon handle grips and a waterproof drag,” Sweet said.

All four BaitRunner D reels have 4.8:1 gear ratios. Line capacities range from 240 yards of 8-pound test mono - or 270 yards of 15-pound PowerPro braid - on the BTR4000D; 265 yards of 12-pound test mono - or 210 yards of 50-pound PowerPro - on the BTR 6000D; 250 yards of 17-pound mono – 290 yards of 50-pound PowerPro – on the BTR8000D; while the BTR12000D will handle 350 yards of 16-pound mono – or 310 yards of 65-pound PowerPro.

“At Shimano, we know we have many very loyal fans of our BaitRunner reels, and we look forward to providing this entirely new design and new technology to these spinning reel enthusiasts,” said Sweet.

For more information on the BaitRunner D spinning reels, see your local tackle dealer - or visit the Shimano web site at www.shimano.com .

Line Capacity Specs:

BaitRunner 4000D —

  Monofilament – 240 yards/8#; 200 yards/10#; 160 yards/12#

  PowerPro braid – 270 yards/15#; 190 yards/20#; 145 yards/403


BaitRunner 6000D —

  Monofilament – 300 yards/10#; 265 yards/12#; 170 yards/16#

  PowerPro braid – 245 yards/30#; 210 yards/50#; 130 yards/65#


BaitRunner 8000D —

  Monofilament – 295 yards/14#; 250 yards/17#; 195 yards/20#

  PowerPro braid – 295 yards/40#; 290 yards/50#; 180 yards/65#


BaitRunner 12000D —

  Monofilament – 550 yards/12#; 350 yards/16#; 265 yards/20#

  PowerPro braid – 505 yards/50#; 310 yards/65#; 230 yards/80#



Shimano www.shimano.com
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