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Date: 20/10/2009
Review: Shimana CORE Baitcasting Reels
Supplier: Shimano
Source: Shimano


IRVINE, Calif. - NEW FOR '09/'10 - ICAST Show Intro - At a half ounce lighter than the 100 size reels, Shimano offers two new Core baitcasting reels, designed for light line finesse fishing and with the smallest profiled ever in a Shimano reel. The reels include the right-hand retrieve Core 50Mg7 and the left-hand Core 51Mg7. Both reels weigh in at 5.5 ounces.

"With the expanding trend in light line finesse bait fishing, we put all our lightweight design and material capabilities into these Core reels," said Jeremy Sweet, Shimano's reel product manager. "Not only light and durable, but also a very small frame makes these the ideal baitcasting reels for light line, slack line fishing situations, for anglers wanting to use light fluorocarbon line, and also for use with PowerPro braid."

As it does with the Core 100 size reels, the 5.5-ounce total weight of the Core 50 reels is made possible by Shimano's use of magnesium in the construction of the frame and handle-side sideplate, plus the use of A7075 aluminum for the Magnumlite spool. "While our use of magnesium provides the overall ultra light weight of the Core reels, "Sweet said, "we lessen the weight further with a drilled handle shank made from cold-forged aluminum and a Reduced Mass Variable Brake System (VBS) Hub. It all comes together in a ultra- compact design to provide a comfortable, lightweight fishing experience."

In both the Core 50Mg7 and 51Mg7, Shimano includes seven shielded A-RB (anti-rust) bearings for durability and corrosion resistance, an A-RB roller bearing to eliminate any handle backplay, and its Tapered Titanium Levelwind Insert that makes set-up much easier, even in the dark.

Anglers will also notice familiar Shimano casting reel features including High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), Super Stopper, Super Free, 1/8 turn Easy Access attached sideplate, Dartanium drag, a cold forged aluminum drag star and a clicking drag adjustment.
With 7.0:1 gear ratios to quickly reel in slack line in finesse fishing situations - 28-inches per crank - both the Core 50Mg7 and 51Mg7 will handle from 105 yards of 10-pound test and up to 70 yards of 14-pound. When using PowerPro braid, the reels can hold 295 yards of 5-pound test, and up to 105 yards of 30-pound.

For more information on Shimano's ultra-lightweight Core 50Mg7 and 51Mg7 baitcasting reels, see you local tackle dealer - or visit the Shimano web site at http://fish.shimano.com
MSRP: Core 50/51Mg7 - $369.99

Shimano www.shimano.com
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