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Date: 20/10/2009
Review: Shimano Cumaro Reaction
Supplier: Shimano
Source: Shimano


IRVINE, Calif. - ICAST Show Intro - New for '09/'10 - Hard cover or soft cover, shallow depths or down deep, Shimano offers its new Cumara Reaction rods to fish moving baits in just about any situation. The series - all casting versions - includes 12 rods, all with lightweight and sensitive IM-10 graphite blanks and a unique hook keeper.

Anglers will find the "specific Cumara Reaction rod whether they want to fish deep crankbaits in open water, or buzz baits in heavy grass cover," said Justin Poe, rod product manager for Shimano. "For those who have used our Cumara Bottom Contact rods, these are the perfect compliment when the fishing situation calls for spinnerbaits, topwaters, and rip baits. They'll deliver maximum performance feel and comfort."

The rods feature Shimano's custom split reel seat design "for greater sensitivity transfer to the angler's hand when detecting subtle bites or changes in the action of a bait," Poe said. Combined with the lightweight graphite blank construction and durable, yet light Fuji SIC Silicon Carbide guides, anglers will appreciate how light even the medium heavy action 7-foot-11-inche rods are.

Poe notes that the unique frame design of the Fuji guides stop line from tangling, "even some braided lines that are notorious for their line tangling ability."

The Cumara Reaction (CUC) series includes two 6'3"models - the CUC63M and CUC63H, two 6'9" models - the CUC69M and CUC69MH, three 7' models - the CUC70M, CUC70MH and CUC70H, the 7'6" CUC76ML, the 7'7" CUC77M, and three 7'11" models - the CUC711M, CUC711MH and CUCX711MH.

"We're sure to see anglers matching up one of our new Core 50Mg reels with the CUC63M to cast light topwater baits at those right times, or our Curado 200E5 reel on a CUC711MH to keep big crankbaits - like a Norman DD22 - in the water a long time from some real long casts - the perfect set-up to target double-digit bass on lakes like El Salto," said Poe.

All Cumara rods are backed by Shimano's limited lifetime over-the-counter replacement warranty program.
For more information on the Cumara Reaction rods, see your local tackle dealer - or visit the Shimano web site at www.shimano.com
MSRP: from $199.99 to $239.99

CUC63M o hard cover - shallow running crankbaits; small and light topwater baits

CUC63H o hard cover - deep crankbaits, buzzbaits and large topwaters

CUC69M o hard cover/moderate soft cover - 3/8- to 1/2-ounce spinnerbaits and buzzbaits

CUC69MH o hard cover/moderate soft cover - 1/2- to 1-ounce spinnerbaits and buzzbaits

CUC70M o hard cover - shallow to medium running crank baits

CUC70MH o soft cover - medium running crank baits and rip baits

CUC70H o soft cover - deep crankbaits in open water, buzzbaits, large lipless cranks

CUC76ML o soft cover - Speed Trap and other 1/4-ounce or slightly larger crankbaits in shallow to medium depths

CUC77M o soft cover - shallow to medium running crankbaits and rip baits

CUC711M o hard cover - medium deep running crankbaits

CUC711MH o hard cover/moderate soft cover - deep 30-feet plus crankbaits

CUCX711MH o soft cover - Rattletraps in heavy soft cover, 3/4- to 1-ounce spinnerbaits, hollow body swimbaits, heavy grass buzzbaits and Chatterbaits

Shimano www.shimano.com
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