B.C. Boat and Sportsmen's Show
Date: 20/10/2009
Review: Shimano Moocher GT Reels
Supplier: Shimano
Source: Shimano


IRVINE, Calif. - ICAST Show Intro - New for '09/'10 - Targeting salmon by mooching - dropping bait down to the right depths with a heavy sinker or with a downrigger- is a long-time traditional, and effective, technique. Anglers on the waters in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia - and even on the Great Lakes - can now look to Shimano's new Moocher Plus reels to keep the tradition going.

Available in two sizes, the Moocher GT Plus 2000GTPA and 4000GTPA, the direct drive feature is the key to this style of fishing. "You can easily drop back a cut plug herring or anchovy with these reels," said Jeremy Sweet, Shimano's reel product manager who worked closely with Shimano's operations and pro staffers in Canada on the design of these reels. "We feature a metal spool lip for palming the reels to provide added control, our proven waterproof Dartanium drag, a graphite frame and spool - and a very important feature when using a direct drive reel like these, non-slip rubber handle grips."

Sweet notes the reels have been extensively field-tested in the waters off B.C. "These Moocher GT Plus reels have a very smooth drag, with the most comfortable handles I have ever used," said Shimano pro staff David Murphy, owner of Murphy Sportfishing in Port Alberni, B.C. "Trust me, we'll be seeing these reels in everyone's boats come this time next year."
Both the Moocher GT Plus 2000GTPA and 4000GTPA will retrieve 14-inches of line per crank. The 2000 will handle up to 340 yards of 20-pound test monofilament, or up to 365 yards of 80-pound PowerPro braid. The 4000 has the capacity for 420 yards of 25-pound test - or 445 yards of 80-pound PowerPro.
For more information on the Moocher GT Plus reels, visit http://fish.shimano.com - or see your local fishing tackle dealer.
MSRP: $89.99
Line Capacity Specs:
Moocher GT Plus 2000 - Mono - 470 yds/12#; 400 yds/17#; 340 yds/20# o PowerPro -- 660 yds/50#; 405 yds/65#; 365 yds/80#
Moocher GT Plus 4000 - Mono -- 520 yds/20#; 420 yds/25# o PowerPro braid - 880 yds/50#; 570 yds/65#; 445 yds/80#


Shimano www.shimano.com
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