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Date: 20/10/2009
Review: Shimano Talica Reels
Supplier: Shimano
Source: Shimano

Designed for use with PowerPro with steep, high max drag curves


IRVINE, Calif. - ICAST Show Intro - New for '09/'10 - While common sense says that fly-lining live bait on small lever drag reels to catch big fish would be an oxymoron, Shimano defies this logic with its new Talica 2-speed lever drag reels. The series include the Talica 8II and Talica 10II, designed for fishing with 40- to 50-pound PowerPro braided line with a 30- to 40-pound fluorocarbon leader, and the Talica 12II and Talica 16II for fishing 65- to 80-pound PowerPro with a 60- to 80-pound fluorocarbon top shot.

Anglers know that star drags reels are better casting reels by nature, due to having lighter spools because the drags are in the gears and not the spool. And lever drag reels have more power in the drag system because their washers are so much larger. "With the Talica 2-Speeds, we break that mold by designing a two-speed lever drag reel that can underhand a sardine 40-feet to the line chum line with ease," said Jeremy Sweet, reel product manager for Shimano. "We also increased the fishable drag capabilities of a small diameter reel to fish with our heavy PowerPro braid and short fluorocarbon top shots that anglers are using to land big fish."

With Shimano's proven success with HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) in its star drag reels, "we knew we could make the ultimate two-speed reel - one with fast line pick-up compared to traditional two-speed reels but also with unbelievable cranking power in either gear ratio," Sweet said. "So when you drop it into low on a circling tuna at deep color, instead of gaining a couple of inches, you are gaining around two-feet."

Talica 2-Speeds - In Depth
Castability -- Reels with heavy spools spin for minutes on the counter of your local tackle store but how that translates to fishing is another story. And while Shimano uses extremely high-grade greaseless ball bearings that don't flex under side load for unbelievable freespool, a truly lightweight spool for casting small live baits such as anchovies and sardines was a must. "So we aggressively machine the spool to maximize weight savings while maintaining strength," said Sweet, "and we also created a way to minimize drag created by water between the spool and the frame. Being that 'chovies and 'dines are very light, and traditionally, to cast these baits, good anglers would bump the spool during the cast to get the spool moving and avoid the bait from flying out, then suddenly getting jerked down by line not coming off of the spool and slapping hard on the surface of the water. We took this one step further in defining the ability of Talica to cast well to mean underhand to enhance bait presentation. Now that the chum line will not be unattainable even when casting underhand, imagine how much further overhand will get you."

Power - "Cranking force is a hard thing to explain until you are handed a reel with the fish on the other end," Sweet notes. The use of High Efficiency Gears in high and in low speeds sets Talica apart from all reels currently offered in the market. The incredible power in low and in high is what makes Talica a joy to battle big fish with. No longer will you have to decide between power in low gear or speed in high gear. Talica is the best of both worlds and lets you save your energy for hoisting that cow up for a photo!

Drag -- A smooth drag is very important and one that Shimano prides itself upon throughout the product line. Talica is no exception to this rule. However, according to Sweet, "being able to fish three or four line classes heavier than you would normally on a reel of its size makes Talica more fun to fish since you spend a lot less time fighting your tackle and more time fighting the fish. Even the smallest Talica, the TAC8II, will fish 50# PowerPro with ease!"

Compact -- When you first lay your eyes on a Talica - it's intriguing. When you feel what it's capable of - it's amazing! "An incredible amount of testing for ergonomics went into the design process of this reel and the feel of it confirms this," Sweet said. "We went through over five different gearbox angles and shapes before we were happy with it. Don't let Talica's small stature and lightweight fool you - this reel is a beast!"

Washing your reels -- Most people know that spraying the reel with a high-pressure stream of freshwater or to use the saltwater washdown on boats are big no-no's. But most anglers don't have time to completely tear down their reels after each trip, clean and re-lube them. So what to do? "At Shimano, we recommend a light freshwater rinse and wipe down after each trip and full service at least every six months to prevent corrosion on any reel used in saltwater," said Sweet.

Braided line -- It is no mystery that braided line retains water. And when you are using it in saltwater, this saltwater is sitting on your reel. Like not brushing your teeth, you are allowing your reel to get cavities. Any reel, no matter the type of anodization, is subject to corrosion if salt is allowed to sit and work its evil magic on the aluminum. Many people remove all of the braid from the reel when they store their reels - others rinse the line with freshwater. Either way, it is a major nuisance and hassle, and time that could be spent doing other things.

E.I. Anti-Corrosion Surface Treatment -- "Until now," said Sweet, referring to saltwater 'sitting' on the Talica reel. The new E.I. Surface Treatment drastically increases the corrosion resistance of the reel. E.I. is used on the spool, frame and sideplate - the most common spots where cancerous corrosion begins. This, coupled with the use of S A-RB (Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings) and drain holes to allow saltwater to escape the reel whether sitting on a shelf or vertically in a rack, gives us so much confidence in the reel's durability that if you register your Talica online, you will receive an additional year of warranty. That's two full years - "plus as part of our Platinum Service Program," said Sweet, " that guarantees a 48-hour turn around."
When aluminum is used on reel parts, it is typically either die-cast or forged and then machined. Die-casting uses molten metal that then cools. This leaves numerous microscopic cracks and pores in the metal. Forging, while producing a much more dense finished material, also has these pores, but fewer of them. Then, when the reel is anodized, the anodization fills many of these pores and cracks, but not completely. This gives salt a place to camp out and do its deed.

With E.I., after the anodization process is finished, a second layer of surface treatment is added. This treatment is forced into the remaining surface impurities. This gives salt no hideout, and also results in an extremely smooth-to-the-touch finish. "So don't forget to back your spool with tape or a few wraps of mono before installing your PowerPro," reminds Sweet. "Our Talica reels with the E.I. Surface Treatment have more than double the corrosion resistance of a standard anodized reel."

Go ahead and use that light freshwater rinse and wipe down. Put the hose on your line - not high-pressure - and flush the excess salt out. It keeps it from stinking also. You can be done with cleaning your reel in less than a couple minutes.
"Sure, you will still need to have the reels serviced each year so the gears and drags can be re-greased," said Sweet, "but we will send you a coupon for a free clean and service, as well as an additional coupon for 50% off another service down the road, when you register online."

Additional Features

In terms of gears ratios on the Talica 2-Speeds, in high speed it's 6.2:1 on the TAC 8II and 10II, and 5.7:1 on the TAC 12II and 16II - in low gear, the TAC8II and 10II have 4.1:1 ratios, and the TAC 12II and 16II have 3.1:1. The TAC 8II and 10II bring in 38-inhces of line per crank, while the TAC 12II and 16II reel in 41-inches.

Shimano includes a host of other proven features into the Talica reels, including a waterproof drag when engaged, oversized carbon drag washers for ultra-high drag pressure, a silent twin-pawl anti-reverse, an ergonomic Power Handle, a ratcheting drag lever, a preset knob with click, a loud clicker and an aluminum rod clamp.

"As many West Coast anglers know, underhanding live bait to tuna cruising in a chum line while on a multi-day trip is a special treat - it's all about hooking up and landing a nice fish for some fun bragging rights," Sweet said. "The Talica 2-speed reels will give that extra advantage - and who doesn't want that when it comes to fishing."

For more information on the Talica 2-speed reels - available in four sizes to use with 40-, 50-, 65- and 85-pound PowerPro braided line, visit the Shimano web site - http://fish.shimano.com - - or see your local fishing tackle dealer.
MSRP: TAC 8II, 10II - $479.99; TAC 12II, 16II - $499.99

Line Capacity Specs:
TAC 8II - PowerPro braid -- 395 yards/40#; 390 yards/50#; 235 yards/65#

TAC 10II - PowerPro braid --540 yards/40#; 535 yards/50#; 335 yards/65#

TAC12II - PowerPro braid -- 700 yards/50#; 400 yards/65#; 355 yards/80#

TAC16II - PowerPro braid -- 845 yards/50#; 485 yards/65#; 430 yards/80#



Shimano www.shimano.com
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