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Date: 06/10/2010
Review: Islander Searun II
Supplier: Islander Precision Reels
Source: Islander

Islander is happy to present the Searun II.

After years of discussing the creation of another centre-pin float reel, Islander Precision Reels, decided to resurrect the classic “SEARUN”. 

First introduced to the marketplace in the early 1990’s, the reel, while popular with enthusiasts, suffered from engineering issues that could not be remedied without a complete redesign.   Sadly, it was decided that it would be best to discontinue the reel.  As to how many original Searuns made it out into the field, no one is certain.  The best estimate places the total number of “sold” units at 33 reels.  There are probably more of these collector items out there, some given as prototypes for testing and others given away for promotional purposes.

The Searun II is similar in look and operation to the original, but that is where the comparison ends.  Technology over the years has improved dramatically, resulting in a much more sophisticated reel with the precision engineering that is expected of Islander.

The spool spins on a stainless steel spindle, supported by two ABEC-3 stainless steel ball bearings.  A frame-edge mounted lever allows the user to toggle the simple click-drag with a minimum of effort.  When the click-drag is engaged, it provides a minimal amount of drag when playing a fish.  It will also aid in stopping line from spooling off when moving to a new location.

The Searun II is not convertible, but will be manufactured for both right and left-handed anglers, and will be subject to availability.  All Searun II’s will be anodized in Islander’s silver satin finish.


Diameter:               4.3”

Arbor Diameter:    3.16”

Spool Width:          Super slim 0.60”

Weight:                    9.8 oz.

Capacity: 250 yards, 17lbs mono with no backing.

Spool Volume         4.1 Cubic Inches

Islander Precision Reels www.islander.com
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