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WEBFLYZ BC Thu, Dec 1, 2011 - 3:29 PM     Subject: SMOKED SALMON RECIPE! Quote
Joined: Nov 2011 Smoked Salmon recipe-2011
Written by Cory Koenig
Thursday, 10 November 2011 16:36

I just finished a batch of two types of smoked salmon, BBQ basted and honey/syrup/lemon juice basted, both turned out fantastic!

Therefor I share my results with you, enjoy!

Recipe for smoked salmon.


Brown sugar
Pickling salt
Pickle juice-(not mandatory)
BBQ brush
Lemon juice/syrup/honey mixed-(warm) Or
BBQ sauce/steak spice mixed

Ziploc sandwich or freezer bags and/or vacuum sealed bags

Smoker of choice

And Patience!!

Thaw fish as/if needed,
cut ends of fillets if needed, freezer burn-cut off!

lay on newspaper-get lots!(helps cleaning big time!)

Mix in bowl:
1kg bag brown DEMERRA sugar w 1cup pickling salt,-dry! Wash hands!

Cut pieces of fish of desired size.
Lay in container, rub sugar/salt mixture(dry) on meat sides, layering fish skin side down on top of dry rub and lower meat sides as needed.

Add any pickle juice in fridge if on hand!

Leave for12-16 hours in the coolest place in your house. -Dry rub will Liquify-!

Pull out fish near running water,
wash off sugar/salt dry rub-now wet, and place on newspaper to soak water.

Put in smoker.

Smoke for 1 hour or so, when fat-(white/yellow stuff)- starts coming out of meat, brush on honey/syrup/lemon juice mix(warm) onto fish---or BBQ/steak spice,...

Use brush!!!

Smoke again until meat is firm.
Brush again or not-(I do not)
Pull out of smoker, lay on newspaper---Do Not touch skin side with meat side of fish!!!! - Gross taste!

Leave for 1-3 hours to firm.

Process fish- either put in ziploc sandwich baggies for quick eats,

Or put in ziploc freezer bags and or vacuum sealed bags for later eats!!

Use paper towel to put on skin side in any case to soak up skin taste-gross!

Remove skin or not, just make sure
The fingers that touch the skin do not
Touch the meat- always clean hands!!!---gross taste!!!

Gone fishin'!

That is it! Enjoy!

Cory koenig
Owner, sole tyer
Webflyz B.C.
1-888- Webflyz
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