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Cam's 4.7lb Smallmouth Bass Bass Fishing Gallery
Jul, 2011

Here's our bass pictures, if you have any send them in.

Rainbow Trout (brown back) Common Flies
Jan, 2012

Here are common flies found everywhere, you can pick them up at most fly shops or tackle stores. Or you can get new ideas and build your own. There are actually over 20 images here.

Ken Einfeld Everyperson's Fishing Gallery
May, 2012
24 Welcome to the Everyperson's Fishing Gallery!
Dubbed Eyed Egg Fly Fishing Gallery
Jan, 2012
28 In this gallery we have flies and we show all you need to make them.
Lake Rainbow Merlin Fly Fishing Dry Flies
Oct, 2011
32 For all your dry fly fishermen here are a lot of good examples of dry flies used in B.C.
Butler's Bug Fly Fishing Nymph Gallery
Jan, 2000
81 Here we have a lot of nymph flies used in B.C.
Blue Thunder Fly Fishing Wet Fly Gallery
Jan, 2012
99 For all your wet fly fishermen here are a ton of good examples of wet flies used here in B.C.
52lb Halibut Halibut Fishing Gallery
Aug, 2012
21 Halibut Gallery
Nakusp Rick Joyce Photo Gallery
Feb, 2009
137 Over 100 Great Pictures from the Interior of BC by Rick Joyce
First Steelhead Kids Fishing
Sep, 2012
40 See what the kid's are pulling out of the water.
Pauls Chinnok Salmon Fishing Gallery
Sep, 2012
151 Here is practically every type of salmon caught in B.C.
Spring Chicken Salmon/Steelhead Flies
Jan, 2012
40 These examples are flies commonly used to fish for salmon and Steelhead.
Davis Lake near Mission BC Scenery
Aug, 2012
Chrome Winter Steelhead Steelhead Fishing Gallery
Mar, 2012
73 The fantastic fighting steelhead.
11 ft. sturgeon Sturgeon Fishing Gallery
Mar, 2010
58 There is nothing like the mighty sturgeon, these huge prehistoric fish are one of the most rewarding challenges.
Rainbow Trout Trout Fishing Gallery
Mar, 2012
22 Our trout gallery with all types of trout.
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