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Fraser River Valley and Area Fishing
Here are some ideas for fishing the Fraser River and Area.

Fishing Seasons in the Fraser Valley

March 1 to April 31
- Prime Steelhead on the Vedder,
- Prime Sturgeon on the Fraser
- Prime Cutthroat, Rainbows and Dollies on local and hard to reach rivers.
June 1 to July 1 - Prime Chinook fishing on the Fraser
August 1 to September 7 -Prime Sockeye and Chinook on Fraser and tributaries
October 1 - November 15 - Prime Coho, Chum and Fall Chinook.

Courtesy Vic Carrao of Sts Guiding


Best times for fishing are on incoming tides and or slack tide.


--- Surrey :
Brownsville bar: Access... off Scott Rd....turn onto Old Yale Rd follow to river.
Weight ... 3 to 4oz
Gear... 10 Lbs test and up
Bait... spin & glow [ silver body, green new ] with fresh roe
Casting distance from shore....max 60 feet
Comments: Best fished at slack tide, advantages from boat.

--- Coquitlam River bar:
Access... follow signs to boat launch under Port Mann bridge , go past gate onto gravel road...drive to river mouth
Weight ....3-4 oz
Gear... 10 Lbs and up
Bait... fresh roe and spin & glows
Casting Distance from shore... fish close to shore
Comments: fish low slack tide, boats have advantages.

--- Derby Reach park ;
Access...off of freeway onto #2 highway turn onto 96 ave, onto 208 to Allard Cr Rd follow to park
Weight requirements....3-4 oz
Gear... 10 lbs or greater
Bait ...fresh roe and Spin & glow [ green or red news ]
Casting distance from shore...close to shore or 60 feet out
Comments; Great place for camping or for making ore than a day of it....fishing best on low slack tide.

--- Two bit bar;
Access... follow signs to Fort Langley, turn to Fort, follow river Rd onto Jackman Rd
Weight...3-4 oz
Gear...10 lbs or greater
Bait... Spin & glow red or green news
Casting distance from shore...close to 65 feet out
Comments; lots of room, best time is moving tides or slack tides

--- Mission Bridge:
Access... From Mission side over bridge to exit south side, onto Beaton Rd to Sorenson. From south side turn at lights before bridge and follow same.
Weight...3-4 oz
Gear ... 12 lbs or greater
Bait... Spin & glows Asorrted colours
Casting distance from shore... close to 70 feet out
Comments: lots of room, best time is low slack tide and the moving incoming tide

--- Chilliwack & Deroche area
Access .... via boat from boat launch of your choice
Areas to try ... Bowmans Bar..... Island 22
Weight... 10-16 oz [ Fairly fast current ]
Gear....12 lbs for the brave 25-40 lbs for the hardy
Bait... Spin & Glows red or green news [ silver body ]
Casting... close to 25 feet out
Commments; look for back eddies or steep banks

Government of British Columbia Maps
site with downloadable map of the Fraser with bars.

Fishing Locations Map for the Fraser Valley (78K) thanks to Ken Kristian.

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