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Tying a Trailer Looped FLY - The Wynnona's Egg Sukin Brown Beaver -by WEBFLYZ B.C.
Notes: Using a NOR-VISE is the best way to tie flies, it is hand-crafted by Norm Norlander, super strong, allows any tyer to hold the fly at (North, East, West and South positions), the hook never slips out, and comes with a WIDE range of tying aids, all simplified with this vise.

Hook:2/0 vision(this size has a larger eye for ease of passing through the trailer loop material of choice).
Trailer Loop: 8 inches LONG> (I use 0.19 diameter stainless steel cable, you can use many other materials such as tiger wire, slick shooter backing, vinyl, mono, or anything else you see fit for your fishing application).
Thread: BIG FLY or KEVLAR thread
Tail: Brown, grizzly dyed Zonker rabbit strip.
Flash: (optional) orange or any other color that works for you.
Body: Brown, grizzly dyed Zonker rabbit strip.
Egg: Light pink chenille, wrapped tight.
Use BIG FLY or KEVLAR thread for tying a base of thread on your hook, wind tightly! leaving 1/8th of an inch of room at the EYE of the hook, and finishing just before the TIP of the hook point.(When your bobbin is hanging, the thread should be hanging just in front of the hook point).
Pinch the 8 inch long piece of wire with your fingers(using pliers
kinks the wire too easily).
Lay the folded piece of wire on top of hook, (mark a line on your vise in felt pen to have consistency in the lengths of your flies). Be sure not to exceed the length of the shank of the hook you are tying on!! (failure to do so will result in binding, kinking and the loop will not stay straight back as preferred).
Wrap lightly over the cable 2 times, adjust the wire if needed to be centered over top of your vise clamps, pull to tighten and secure.
Continue tightly wrapping up towards the hook eye, (again stopping about an 1/8 of an inch before the base of the eye of hook) and push both loop ends through eye of hook.
Fold the Loop material you chose in half, pulling tightly, and re-securing the bottom of the loop with tight thread wraps. Continue wrapping until you see that the loop material is fully covered. This is the end of TYING a TRAILER LOOPED FLY by WEBFLYZ B.C. (next is adding the materials to complete a very effective leech-style fly).
Tie in a Zonker rabbit strip just ahead of the last thread wraps that were completed with securing the trailer loop. Cut the Zonker strip 1 inch longer than the rear of the trailer loop fold, add about 5 strands of flash here if you like, tying it on one side, folding it in half, and matching this for the other side.(this gives 5 strands of flash on either side of the fly, and it never pulls out).
Tie in another piece of Zonker rabbit strip on a slight angle, wrapping over exposed thread, continuing forward and finishing near the hook eye, where you had stopped thread wraps before.
Tightly wrap over the exposed thread, pulling the Zonker hair back towards the tail with every wrap, continuing to where the thread lies.
Tie off and secure, clip excess Zonker strip.
Add a chenille egg, color is up to the tyer, I chose light pink for visual reasons.
Use a pair of strong pliers to grasp hook near where the trailer loop comes out, being careful to not grab the loop material. Bend 90 degrees to the left, and 90 degrees to the right, and the hook will break where needed leaving a blunt break.
Using stainless steel cable also allows the tyer to not have to file every broken hook.
Insert the trailer loop pinched end through the eye of a short-shank hook( I used RED for visual reasons). NOTE:> make sure the hook is insreted with the hook point toward the Zonker strip hide!) Trailer hook sizes are usually between #2-2/0.
Push loop through eye of hook until it can be pushed over hook bend, one piece of loop on either side of trailer hook.
Pull trailer hook snug and the wire will hold the hook in place, at the rear of the fly, always staying straight back. Many steelhead see many flies in their life time. Some older, wiser steelhead will not always hammer the fly, tasting the rear or tail first. This style of fly allows these smarter fish to be hooked up to 50% more compared to a single fly with a long tail. Thank you for allowing me to show you what I have to do, many times a day, TIGHT LINES, see you on the river!! by: Cory Koenig of WEBFLYZ B.C.
... the finished product, I call this fly Wynonna's Egg-sukin Brown BEAVER! (WEBB LEECH) for short!
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