B.C. Boat and Sportsmen's Show
Bob Waldhaus (Parksville BC)

Over 30 years of fishing experience. An avid recreational fishman also enjoyed providing salmon charters in previous years. In the Spring Months fly fishing on local lakes. In the summer months on the ocean trolling for Salmon (Chinook, Coho and Sockeye and Halibut) and fly fishing for pinks on the beach. In the fall fly fishing the local rivers for Coho and the winter months fishing the rivers on Vancouver Island for Steelhead.

Last year I had my boat in the water salmon fishing for 12 days in total in Port Alberni and Parksville areas. I boated 93 salmon. The most productive where the sockeye days in July of last year in port Alberni where we have 16 fish in the boat and losing just as many in less than 2 hours on 4 different trips. Many family and friends got there fish for the year those trips. I was usually one of the first off the water those days. We Can and smoke our sockeye which is my favorite to eat. The Spring fishery last year in Port was also fantastic. My best day in Port was 6 springs ( 18lbs - 31lbs) caught by China Creek and lost 4 in less than an hour. We had one triple header. That's a fantastic day for that part of the Alberni Inlet. I host a fishing Derby in French creek every September for my company and as mentioned spend a lot of time fly fishing the local lakes as well for trout and of course the Steelhead fishing in the Winter.

Happy Angling

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